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    Usain Bolt, literally the fastest man alive.
    LeBron James, one of, if not the best of the game.
    Roger Federer, has been at the very top for a loooooong time.

    Despite being basically super-human, what do they have in common?
    They reportedly sleep 10-12h EACH DAY.
    9-10h sleep during the night.
    1-2h naps during the day.

    Let that sink in and compare it to the “just sleep faster mentally” many of us who want to push ourselves to greater and greater heights fall into.

    Proper recovery is fundamentally important. And many take it too lightly. Something that just passively happens or may even be regarded as a nuisance.

    I really like that this part of the forum in particular is filled with a lot of go-getters that are actively building their life. Absolutely love it. We need more men like this.

    But often I see an over-emphasis on the “hard work” part.

    So much so indeed that people actually burn out regularly and are WAY less effective over the long run. Especially if you take the compound effect of hard work over a long period of time into account.

    Short bursts of hard work coupled with “bursts” of cheetos, weed and Netflix certainly don’t go as far as constantly working at a steady and balanced pace. Plus is actually less fun if you think about it.

    That’s why me and a few good friends who are just as passionate about building something are currently starting a gaming group where we actively take care of the “rest hard” part as well. Chatting over Discord, playing some games, working on projects, getting a different perspective on things, etc.

    And then, after recharging and maybe also recalibrating, we attack building our lives again even harder afterwards.

    I think it’s especially effective if you actively relax and recover in a positive and nourishing environment.

    Plus you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with. That is so fucking true.

    The natural and healthy competition, holding each other accountable, helping each other out and supporting each other has so many benefits that it would be too long for this post.

    My point is; we are hiring.

    So if you want to join an environment like this send me a pm and we can chat about what this would look like.

    Have a good one!

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    I agree, I feel horrible when I don't get enough sleep, it really detracts from my day, not to mention my athletic performance while lifting.

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