would anyone try escort?

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by lingcanada, Jul 15, 2019.

  1. lingcanada

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    am i just wondering what it feels to meet an escort?
  2. kropo82

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    No, I am so relieved (and proud) that I never caved in to that temptation.

    One thing is to try to refocus your life and your thoughts on other healthier things. Speculating about sex positions, or what it feels like to see an escort, are not those healthy things.
  3. denjiz

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    I did a few times, AMA
  4. hairlesschewbacca

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    They shouldn’t because prostitution is demeaning towards women. Why are you asking?

    This forum is for people trying to fix their problems. This could be a trigger for some poor guy out there who starts to think about his time with escorts and then relapses.
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  5. Ishan@123

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    Its risky
    Please you go to you tube and see NoFap motivational
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  6. I have hired an escort once. That was at the end of 3 weeks without fapping. Shortly after that I relapsed. I would not advice anyone to hire an escort for sex. Maybe hiring an escort for companionship is more reasonable. I mean hiring a psychologist provides also some sort of companionship.
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  7. Buttfetish83

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    I have a serious problems with escorts. I've been seeing them for 7 years. It was a high to begin with. But now it's becoming a serious problem. I waste my hard on cash on 200 a hour escorts. I pay higher because I prefer the safety aspect of it all. The nice apartment or hotel and not to mention the beautiful elite women.
    I have a serious ass fetish. I watch porn like buttman that's focuses on ass worship. Then I perform these fetishes on the escorts I see. They have no problem with it. As I'm a easy client in there eyes. I worship there ass I cum from the stimulation. Then booking over. I hardly have sex with these women. I just orally stimulate there ass lick rim them I cum and finished. Most of these escorts love it because it doesn't involve sex. It's just a man living out his oral fantasy's on them.
    But everytime I leave there place I feel high for about a hour after the booking. But then I feel down again or even regret why I waste my money on these escorts. It's a terrible addiction and I advise no one to see escorts. Because it's like cocaine. You see one escort you want to see them all. And you base your whole life around these escorts. Every month on payday your planning your next escort visit. These escorts couldn't care less about you. There making money if you don't see them. They have a 100 other guys waiting to pay for there time. This is why I'm on this site. I'm new hear and have a serious escort addiction. My family life has suffered badly because of this. I really need help. Temptation is the devil in disguise.
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  8. SirErnest

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    Catfish, possibly. Unusual question for a female to ask.
  9. I have and it’s an entirely new level of hell. Don’t do it. It’s just abused people meeting to abuse each other.
  10. Buttfetish83

    Buttfetish83 New Fapstronaut

    Sorry I'm new to this community and forum. I do have escort problems and I feel stuck and alone. As no one truly understands the heartache and torture it does to a individual. My life can never truly move forward if I continue seeing escorts. These women say they are helping men . But in reality they only helping themselves holidays 2 or 3 times a years. Come back spread there legs then another 2 holidays. These women are living the life. And preying on these poor souls who pay sex because there self esteem is down the toilet. That's the harse reality of seeing escorts. You may think there helping you. In reality your filling the pockets for there next cruise or Jamaica holiday.
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  11. girlfriendofm

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    Your not always paying for vacations. Your paying their pimps which they don’t see the money. Some are trafficked and attacked for the money. Most use the money for cocaine addiction or heroin etc. your feeding a habit and a terrible life. Your ruining your life by seeing them and those around you. If you have family they would be devastated if you caught a disease and had to tell them because it is life threatening. Not to mention sometimes the pimps sit outside in case there is a problem or they are confined to their hotel rooms. It’s dangerous and terrifying. Someone was in that hole you were licking just a half hour before you maybe less. Think about that.
  12. Buttfetish83

    Buttfetish83 New Fapstronaut

    This is why I'm hear. It's a fetish I love doing but the consequences are dear. I don't even think about what disease I can catch. The temptation of the flesh just takes over me. I want to stop this escort life right now before it's too late. I've never done bareback. But even orally you can catch something. Any advice or ways to get over this addition?
  13. Infrasapiens

    Infrasapiens Fapstronaut

    Wasting money to have meaningless and forced sex with a woman I don't know that will pretend to have interest in me, with the extra of the possibility of getting an STD.

    I'll pass.
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  14. hairlesschewbacca

    hairlesschewbacca Fapstronaut

    Yeah it’s called will-power and recognizing what you are doing is wrong and shameful to not only your family and the women that are being put on display but yourself.

    The truth hurts. But you have to accept that you have caused pain on your family, you have contributed to the trafficking of women and you have stripped yourself of any dignity you have for yourself by paying for intercourse.

    Once you have made an acceptance of your actions you have to find the will-power to never go back to your old ways. You have to want to CHANGE or no change will happen. You need count your days and seek thearpy. Find out how to prevent your triggers from happening. Workout and eat right.
  15. DeepParkWater

    DeepParkWater Fapstronaut

    Soumds like youre using a stronger drug than P while youre trying to quit PMO. Thats a really bad way to deal with the lack of sex in my opinion. Im pretty sure all men would want to try an escort. But know if youre addicted to sex to begin with that high is something you might need to chase again later if you keep going there
  16. CJack

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    Your story is so similar to mine in many ways. I am also here due to this addiction and have finally taken the necessary step to rid myself of escorts and pornography. I see pornography as my trigger for using escorts. Remember that your not the only one going through this. Stay strong and treat every day as a massive achievement and a step towards being a happy, healthy human being.
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  17. userSCP

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    No escorts during reboot for sure. Afterward... it depends on what kind and how often, i guess?

    I've had really good experiences with them, and really bad ones too. A lot of the times it is pure luck.

    I was always going to pay for sex, and I eventually did. I had told myself that if I didn't lose my virginity by 20 I would pay. Luckily I did it without a call girl at 19. When I was about 21, I was single again and really frustrated. My cousin introduced me to the escort game. My first experience was with an older woman (40), which was awesome. In hindsight, that lady was a professional and she was independent (no pimp), and that's why my experience was good.

    After this, I tried Asian outcall services, which are semi-professional, and are basically uber services for the massage parlor girls. I tried the massage parlors, and generally had good experiences (given I did my research online beforehand).

    My bad experiences were with pimped out girls. There is always pressure on you. She always tries to squeeze you for more >> this is where you hear the infamous question: him "Do you have condoms?" her "No, do you?" Once I got robbed in the trio I arranged, where one girl went through my clothes/wallet while I was soloing with her friend, lol.

    I've had some amazing experiences too. I once paid like double for a premium service. Hottest woman I've had penetrative sex with. Have been with giurls that don't speak a word of English, which is interesting. Been with some body-types I don't think I would otherwise pursue in dating.

    The problem with prostitutes is the after effect. They usually don't kiss or cuddle, and most leave right after. And you don't get to see them again (for a while at least). This leads to loneliness, and for me aggravates the chaser effect through PMO.

    Do I feel the same shame after using a prostitute, as with PMO? No way. Pussy is pussy, the O is totally different. Condoms + lack of intimacy are what make prostitution inferior to real sex. Prostitution is not as easy/carefree as PMO. There is an effort if you are serious about it. Getting clean, making the call. I can see where browsing an ad board could be classified as PMO though...

    Do I feel bad for the girls? Sometimes, with the pimped-out girls, I happen to get by accident. With professionals, absolutely not. They know what they are doing; it's a service, like getting giving a manicure. It has a high potential for abuse, but so do a lot of things.

    Stick to legal places, like in Nevada if you are new, and have no guidance. Maybe the Asian massage parlors. Incall/outcall is so much less consistent since B-page died.
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  18. FormerFapaholic

    FormerFapaholic Fapstronaut

    No, but I've been to swingers clubs and out dogging in the past and that's the closest thing to it. Like porn, I feel great at first and on a bit of a high. But then left feeling empty, feeling like shit afterwards. I could only imagine going to escorts or prostitutes would be similar - if not, worse!
  19. Wolf2019

    Wolf2019 Fapstronaut

    I have never done it and never would. I don't want to catch a disease from someone who has had sex with hundreds of other people.
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  20. Tell you what, I was actually keen on the idea of hiring an escort in the past. BUT, if you do it and have PIED like I did, then it will end up a huge failure, as it did. I wasted $100 and couldn't get an erection in the meantime. So, if someone doesn't have ED and a gf/spouse, then yeah why not. Though as all things, this could get someone addicted, as mentioned in previous posts.

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