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    Hi guys, first of all I want to show you this video:
    I want you to see who I am, and to know that feel so much better than before.

    On 27 september it will be my 90 days mark, and I will make an "Ask Me Anything" on my youtube channel.
    So if after reading this post and watching the video, you'll have any question, make sure to follow me so you won't miss the live, because I will gladly answer live on camera to all your questions. And I hope I will have a positive impact on some of your lives. BTW I will try to schedule the live and post the link here (it should take 24 hours from now to get the live function activate by youtube)

    If you prefer you can ask me questions even here, I'll try to answer, even if it will be more difficult for me cause I have so little free time.

    How was my life before nofap?

    I can't believe I have made it this far, after trying so many times and failing for over 3.5 years (during which I had only 3 steaks over 30 days), but this time everything is different and I knew it, because I had decided I was going to change my life, and live the life of my dream. A meaningful life.
    The motivation is the key:

    After my dear grandmother's death (which suffered very much) I realized that we need to love ourselves. So what was the first step?

    My weakesses were:

    - I was so needy and weak that people would laugh at me.
    - My body was in a state of inflammation (my balls were about to disappear and my varicocele was big and it hurted a lot), not only because of fapping, but also because of lack of motivation that would make me eat shit, stay in the bed alone all day long for days and days.
    - My sperm was completely transparent.
    - My manliness was completely lost (many people were starting to say I looked gay).
    - My body was soft and I had two soft tits (I was getting fat compared to my standards).
    - And many other.

    So, I wanted a great body, and I wanted to be charming like James Bond, but in order to do it I needed to be healthy.

    I decided: <<ok from now on I'll take this medication to eliminate my varicocele, and I will have to stop masturbating too, because it cannot heal if I am in this state of inflammation. It does not matter how long it may take, or how difficult it may be, I am doing it until when I am healed COMPLETELY!!!>>
    <<And I want to be a real man, with a calm mind.>>
    <<I want to produce the proper hormones a man should produce (more testosterone, less estrogens>>.
    So I decided to go to the gym everyday, because I had to change not only my body, but even more important my mind. I had to learn to handle pressure, pain, and to become consistent as fuck.

    - Then I made another step, to keep my motivation. I said <<I'll go to the best nutritionist I can find, so I started to spend my money and efforts in improving my life>>.
    - Then I decided to start to take sun-baths completely naked, I increased my testosterone even more.
    - Then I said, let's take cold showers, I got even stronger.
    - Then I started to read just a little bit, my focus and imagination improved drastically.
    - Then I started to do breathing exercises (Wim Hof method at the gym; I got more powerful, because my cells where filled with oxygen. And a little bit of meditation; I got calmer, my crazy out of control inner-dialogue became less powerful),
    - I then implemented a morning routine, I got more disciplined.
    - And finally I started to follow a schedule in every detail 24h/day, 7days/week, I became disciplined like Cr7, my friends and family don't believe the work ethic I acquired.
    - And finally I started to do things that would improve my life, after finding the courage to tell myself what I really wanted out of life (for a decade I asked myself this question but I was hypocrite and would find way to avoid answering). Maybe now you don't realize it, but this is a major point.
    - After becoming straight-forward towards myself, I instantly acquired the ability to be it towards others too. What a major benefit.
    - Then I got to a point in which I am no more needy. I could stay alone for weeks, with no problem. I would use that time to get to understand myself even better. And after some resistance people understand they have to show you how important you are if they still want you in their life. Cause at this point you have no more fear of walking away.
    - Then I got the courage to start to dream big again, to program what to do to achieve my dreams, and to take concrete action (no fucking excuses anymore). -This is where I am right now.
    I can even tell you where I'll be in the future:
    - I'll be traveling the world, working online and helping as many people as I can.

    Since then I swear to you:
    - Not a single fap
    - Never cheated on my diet or schedule, because I don't lie anymore. I will never lie to myself again. I'll never make my dream life a reality if I cheat on these things, you know?
    - I never miss the gym unless I feel very damn bad. And even then often time I go anyway to the gym. And I am full of friends there!
    - I am socializing much more, and it's much easier to do so.

    And you know what? This with a single decision, to follow nofap as if it was my religion. That first step, the belief this time it will be forever, and I will create the life I dream about.

    This cocktail produces a fuel, an inner strength that push me beyond everyday. And when the motivation starts to lack, I create an even bigger and more inspiring goal! And that's what you should do too.

    Thanks and congrats for getting here, not everyone is able to be so patient. But patient is the most important of the strengths.

    If anyone want to network or connect to me, I'd love that. Just send me a message here or on any of my social media, cause I will surely answer.
  2. Congrats pal ..keep it strong . Well done to you!
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    Sure I will!
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    Hello @OneinaBillion, can you tell me how your varicocele evolved?
    What was the impact of WimHof technique and nofap on your varicocele ?
    Could we exchange on that topic, in private if you prefer?

    Thank you

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