34 y/o male newbie who'll transform into a deliberate Creator

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Is integrating a spiritual practise have a positive impact on NoFap ?

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  3. I have no idea what a spiritual practise is all about

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  1. InnerEngineerling

    InnerEngineerling Fapstronaut

    Hi all,

    I have been using porn since the past 18 years. I never saw really any harm in PMO and thought that it was something normal.

    In november 2019 I made the choice to 'transform' my life. For me this meant getting rid of alcohol and drugs addiction, dealing with my surprised feelings, finding a new fulfilling job, new friends and doing new things to get out of my comfort zone.

    Now I'm on this path for 9 months I reached a point where i start to recognize that I'm using PMO as a way to handle feelings such stress and unease. I think that the fact that I havent had a serious relationship for a very long time must be due to PMO.

    Therefore I made the choice to quit PMO 4 days ago. So far I'm feeling great and don't miss it. I want to complete NoFap for 30 days and see what it will bring me. Perhaps i'll continue to 90 days. Also in this period choose to stay away from dating apps such as Grindr and Tinder and won't look for sex-dates.

    I'm happy I'm not in this alone. The fact that I'm doing it with all of you gives me encouragement and strength to transform myself into deliberate creator. Thanks!
  2. watchitgo333

    watchitgo333 Fapstronaut

    Good deal my friend, glad your giving it a try! Welcome to the forums, i hope you find the tools you need here to help you on your journey. It isn't always easy but the rewards are so worth it! Good luck and you got this!
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  3. palindromo

    palindromo Fapstronaut

    Please, start studying carefully what's happening in your mind > https://oceanrecoverycentre.com/2016/07/the-ultimate-guide-to-overcoming-internet-porn-addiction/

    First time without porn will be stressful , but if you resist , in some months you will feel reborn.

    If the first times a person relapse easly, it's okay.
    The streaks becomes even longer , day by day.
    Don't porn anymore, it's better to struggle and at the last to relapse than to look at porn.
    No more instagram pictures of models. No more erotic imagines , erotic stories or erotic asmr.
    If you experience ''flatline'' and low libido , resist.
    > https://www.yourbrainonporn.com/por...l-size-and-or-libido-are-decreasing-flatline/

    An effective weapon to overcome urges and thoughts : mindfulness.
    The brain will try to win you and to get some triggers for the seek of dopamine. Resist
  4. InnerEngineerling

    InnerEngineerling Fapstronaut


    Thanks you for sharing this with me. Very motivating facts en benefits to continue with NoFap.
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