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  1. Black Duke

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  2. surfdude

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  3. AngeZarate10

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  4. Irishmaninrecovery

    Irishmaninrecovery Fapstronaut

    I hvnt used them. For 12-15 years I’ve used PMO to avoid dealing with depression and anxiety. I’m now dealing with it and I’m going to have to try SSRIs
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  5. Captain Anurag

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    Day 71
  6. Oh God I am so horny right now... After watching a Ted talk about the benefits of NoFap another suggestive video came of a woman giving a Ted talk and man she's hot. After third day seems easily to get turned on. Urges are stronger. But I wont give in... I want my Life back.. All the years porn took away from me, I can't give in.
  7. AlternativeFalcon01

    AlternativeFalcon01 Fapstronaut

    Today I had so much urges. Probably it's because in the last days I've been on a travel, where I had felt a lot of adrenalin and dopamin. Now I was been at home so that adrenalin had decreased, and my brain just needed something, to get dopamin and stuff. I didn't knew about this kind of stuff, but I think that's the answer for the question why had I felt this much craving for porn. Because my level of happiness was on a high level, and that decreased now. Now I know that even if I'm on the good path by the grace of God, I'm still an addict. I write this to you guys, to be careful if you come to this kind of situation.
  8. Nekkhamma

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    We have to try to see what works for us. I’ve been on meds before. I ended up coming off them and doing a lot of exercise, meditation, support groups, therapy and whatnot and that has worked for almost nine years now. Just educate yourself and stay open minded and take it one step at a time. This might be a helpful tool for you, maybe for a short or long time. Good luck and don’t give up!
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  9. benj

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  10. Day 50/90...emotionally weak of breakup after 7 months relationship but still not that weak to get relapse...hope i control over my emotions as well as thoughts
  11. Relapsed after 3 days again.... Should have known better than to go to bed with my phone .
    Will start again I think next week. This is tiring emotionally .
  12. xmag3000

    xmag3000 Fapstronaut

    Day 12 on Challenge.. Still clean from PMO
    Hard Mode was disabled by my girl, she decided that with standard mode is enough, she is going to help me in this journey.
    Good luck everyone.....
  13. Lawliet129

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    40/90 been busy these 4 days so i forgot to update but the journey still continues ;)
  14. Elcamino

    Elcamino Fapstronaut

    day 64...habits, pursuing goals, confidence will become your odor, resilience will be the pheremone
  15. Srisurya

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  16. Rebooter693

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    I relapsed today because I didn't have much to do. I did well on a math test and maybe felt like I "deserved it" The past few days I usually didn't think of porn. But today I had urges. I don't think that I ever don't relapse within like 12 hours after real urges. I need to find way to let the urges pass, not get stuck.
    Every time you relapse you think of what can go better. But it's the same every time for me.
    I also need to find something to fill the time. A hobby. I don't know if I want to game but I guess that's acceptable if it prevents relapse. Reading is good but whenever I get a book I'll read it in a day and do nothing else.
    Everyone needs something else to guide them. A person. God. An Ideal. When you are with yourself you are blind to many things. You can follow yourself but then you need to be able to see outside of your mind and know your mind. Maybe the will to learn, do the homework instead of waiting until the test to study. Everyone wants to procrastinate because it feels better but no one thinks of how much easier it would be for you to do it before. Maybe look to the future instead of now. But now is the time to do something to change the future.
    I feel like porn is now becoming the norm. But not doing it is normal for me.
    I know that it is more than likely than not that I'm going to relapse. But then I need to make it so it's worthwhile - that I learn something from it.
  17. Weakwarriorofgod

    Weakwarriorofgod Fapstronaut

    Day 4. Bright morning. Full of hope.
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  18. Woahhhh

    Woahhhh Fapstronaut

    24/90 it’s been a long day but it turned out not too bad , severe urges when I woke up but I got through it, took me a longggggg time to figure out why I want to stop trying to fantasize about porn and women , I tend to make unrealistic expectations and I get stuck in the fantasy and not the real, that and literally I can fantasize for a long time and idk I know it’s normal to some degree but yeah that shouldn’t be all I have , idk I was just thinking about it cuz I kept seeing people post about not fantasizing and I was like why tf not , hey I guess I’m just trying to change
  19. Relapsed for the first time ever, after 10 days. I,m starting again the challenge!

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