After NoFap, will you masturbate?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by seth, Jan 4, 2016.

After NoFap, do you intend to masturbate occasionally?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Uncertain

  1. SnowWhite

    SnowWhite Fapstronaut

    I totally agree, I (we!) already had great experiences of that kind ;) The first time, it might be unpleasant for the man, but that becomes much more pleasant overtime. It gives you also a lot of self-confidence as yoiu have much more self-control.

    I only found that a woman might be more satisfied when the man also ejaculates. For some women, the man's ejaculation is either giving them an extra kick, because they can feel the semen (if you go natural, without condom), or it makes them simply more happy and confident when he ejaculates.
  2. abiwrites

    abiwrites Fapstronaut

    The question is "How strong is your will power?" ... You could do anything you choose to and come up with all kinds of clashing theories, but at the end, what matters? Contradicting yourself? Be a MAN: If you choose not to follow nofap, don't do it. Be a man and just quit. If you choose to NOFAP, just do it. Again, be a MAN. Don't contradict yourself! Be strong, be willing to be UNIQUE/DIFFERENT from all those people out there (at least that's what we were told to do - Be different than others!) ... All the best
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  3. I guess it's been different for me. My ex girlfriend loved it when I didn't ejaculate, because it meant I'd stay hard for ages, could finish sex and then be ready to go again in another 2 hours. I was always full of energy and ready to go at any time. I can orgasm without ejaculation, so she could always see my pleasure anyway.

    There are only advantages in not ejaculating if a man knows what he is doing. No disadvantages.
  4. IGY

    IGY Guest

    I guess we need some female input on this matter to confirm or debunk this "fact" because I am no expert on women's pleasure and overall sexual experience. You see, I've read that 70% of women cannot orgasm from vaginal penetration. Assuming that number is correct, it means that what you present as a "fact" could only give a mere 30% of women "more orgasms". I have also read that men endlessly thrusting just makes women sore rather than giving them more pleasure. :rolleyes:
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  5. IGY, it is a fact that women can have multiple orgasms. Please, just Google it. I feel like now what you've said is taking me out of context... My points were not about getting a woman to orgasm or not through penetration sex. I just simply stated that in general, women can have multiple orgasms (which again is common knowledge), and I've dated many women who have.

    Women generally need longer to reach orgasm, longer than men (another fact too), so remaining hard, and being hard longer helps without a doubt, which is why every single woman I have used the method of retaining the semen while having sex has greatly appreciated it, as it has always enhanced sexual pleasure and the overall sexual experience for them - as I said, usually leading to multiple orgasms.

    Please, that is all I am saying. Nothing more, nothing less.
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  6. IGY

    IGY Guest

    Oh yes, I agree, I have read this too. But "the context" of your point about women receiving greater pleasure was in regard to the man being erect for longer because he didn't blow his load. But in the vast majority of cases it has nothing to do with whether their partner is erect or not as they rely on non-vaginal stimulation such as the nipples, the clitoris and elsewhere.
  7. I think that's kind of obvious, man.

    You're talking about foreplay. I never once said that a man's penis is the only way he can get a woman off. In a sense, kind of diverting away from my initial point about retaining the semen while penetrating. That was the only context of my post.

    In that regard, since that was only what I was referring to (and not foreplay or anything else), staying hard while penetrating allows for longer sex and all round better pleasure (as opposed to not staying hard), which is obvious, thus leading to further amounts of pleasure, and longer. That's basically all I was saying.
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  8. SnowWhite

    SnowWhite Fapstronaut

    No need to google, I know very well by personal experience ;)
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  9. I am never going to masturbate ever again or even watch porn ever again.I was addicted to masturbation first and then I became addicted to pmo. Choosing to never masturbate or watch porn ever again at first will be a difficult journey but I know that it can be done.If I am free from my addiction and then going back to masturbation will make no sense.I realize that every time I masturbate I feel weak,I feel like shit,like all my energy is gone and my drive is gone.The only time that I will ever ejaculate is when I am having sex or trying to make a baby with my future wife.

    Here is a video down below that explains on how I feel about masturbation.Skip to about 1:40,if you don't want to listen to the song.

  10. IGY

    IGY Guest

    No, I never mentioned foreplay or alluded to it. I was talking about enabling a woman to achieve multiple orgasms.
  11. What difference does it make, regardless? Your point was out of context to what I was saying, because I was not alluding to the fact that penetration is the only way a woman can have orgasm. I was stating, simply, that being harder for longer, while having penetration sex allows for greater pleasure for the woman, rather than cumming quickly, allowing for longer, expansive sex, which can lead to multiple orgasms for male and female if he remains hard, as I've said many times.
  12. Thechosenone

    Thechosenone Fapstronaut

    It's better to stop masturbation to avoid brain fog, lethargy, depersonalisation/derealisation. Wds are okay with me, real sex too, seeing as I'm not anywhere nearing having the real thing I' myself and my character until I get a partner, then revaluate from there
  13. You just can't leave me alone can you? :p

    I'm glad that I've become the focus of your day (constantly talking about me in third person in other posts). Thanks for stalking me by the way. Moving on... Sure :rolleyes:
  14. .....Anyway, back to topic..

    So, how is everyone's day going?

    Ya'll feeling confident about NoFap? Are you struggling at the moment, or not? I hope all is well.
  15. Red Eagle

    Red Eagle Fapstronaut

    Everything's going great. Was thinking about sex a short time this morning but I stopped myself. I have too much self discipline by now.
  16. Glad to hear about the discipline, brother. You're on 60 days. You're doing really well. Keep it going. I hope to be on day 60 soon! :D
    I feel such a huge motivation going into this new year. PMO doesn't even feel like an option.

    I look forward to following your progress onwards.
  17. Red Eagle

    Red Eagle Fapstronaut

    Thanks for the support. I'm confident I will make it past 100 days. I have a bet with a friend. If one faps he has to pay the other 25€. That motivates not to fap. XD
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  18. Lol. Sounds good.

    Sometimes it dawns on me how fast time flies. Gee, I'll be at 90 days come March. Just March. Seems like that's far away but it's not. The fact that I could reach 200 days come later this year is nuts. Makes me think about how far I would have been into this process if I had just kept going from times past. The days go quickly, we just need to stay with it.
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  19. Red Eagle

    Red Eagle Fapstronaut

    We made that bet because he wanted to reach 90 days but couldn't make a past 30 really. No he almost has his 90 days. So it's working :D

    Yeah when you think about it, it's kind of scary. 100 days is like 1/300 of your life.
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  20. I look forward to reaching day 90.
    Is this your longest streak so far?

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