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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Anakin66, Feb 24, 2020.

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    893 words today.
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  2. Well, I've worked out some of the character traits for the main character and have (had?) some plot points memorized but I'm not sure if they'd make sense or not. Plus, I'm still feeling weary about fictional writing after that dude bullied me so much that I wanted to give up writing.
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    Well maybe that's true, maybe it's not. What I would STRONGLY recommend is you do what I did and write short stories. Stories 10 pages or less. They take much less time to write, take much less time to plan out and edit, and it's easer to receive feedback. Go back to writing longer stuff when you feel comfortable about it.

    What I will say is if you think you arent good enough, that likely isnt true. One thing about me reading so many damn books is you see so many styles and I regularly see authors do things I would have never done myself because it would seem like bad practice. Honestly I'd go as far as to say you can basically write what you want as long as you can make it work. Beyond that there are no rules, just general guidelines.

    Sounds like you need to plan more rigorously. I made that mistake when writing my first novella.

    Dont listen to people who say you cant do something like this. I've said this before, that writing is a skill you can learn, it's not an inherent talent that only exists in the minds of savants. Practice and you WILL improve. Anyone who tells you otherwise has something to gain by being misleading.
  4. Hmm, I did write a short story a while ago and liked the style I did. I'll probably write a few short stories for a while and not have them be as complex, but simplistic style pieces which fall into the similar tent that "Clementine" did. I've got a whole list of potential ideas so I'll see what I come up with. You're right in the sense that we always write in our own sort of way so what you write differs from what I write and how I write differs from what Henry writes and etc. We all view the canvas differently in how to apply the paint.

    Who doesn't make that mistake their first time around? Haha.
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    I'm sure you can do it, you just need to rediscover that drive.
  6. I do. I just need a good kick to help me along.
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    711 words today. Chapter done.
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    Wrote some more recently


    You say your heart is broken
    I feel like i dont have a heart
    Empty body, just walking
    Like an android: smart,
    Programmed, destiny bound
    And when you type in love
    It prints #&[email protected]@.'''$error:notfound

    A year and a half in boots
    Keeps killing my mood
    My heart is out of blood
    This is a hole that I won't get out of

    Keep it-cool


    This is your end


    You sold your angel wings
    For a temporary high
    You cut them off your body
    For a life full of crying,
    Struggle,nightmares and disasters
    Full of questions and no answers
    You'll then tell yourself
    "Why fly?its all pointless, i'll still die"
    While everybody floats, enjoying the sky
    And at that moment you will realise
    That you sold God's wings for Devil's lie

    Yesterday watched porn again
    Felt that drug-like high again
    Believed that sweet lie again
    About having a girlfriend
    Who loves me,can ease the pain
    Then I warped it all again
    Then the thoughts came by like rain
    What if I'm the girl
    And the female is the boy
    I'll be pretty and make food
    Act submissive and feel good
    And my wife will do the work
    While I sit at home and jerk
    Then I orgasmed, felt the shame
    Lost my manliness again
    Closed the tabs, time to abstain
    While I sit in solitude and wait
    That is how I spent my day
    Yes, I am that lame
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    Also guys a question: how do I improve my english vocabulary? I want to try writing something better and less emotional
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    I'll answer this properly later my friend but I dont have time right now. The other people on this thread tend not to post on weekends because it's our days off. Dont want you to think you're being ignored.
  11. I'm gonna try to write this weekend but I'll see.
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    I'm hardly qualified to say objectively but I liked them!

    I'm not sure I fully understand what you are asking. Something can still be emotional and still be good. As for your vocab, I would advise reading a lot and using online sources for more interesting ways of saying similar things, ie an online thesaurus.
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    4525 words this week. Up to 510 pages.
  14. I'm doing some writing this morning first in my stoic journal and then maybe a story, essay, or some research notes depending on what I'm in the mood for.
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    859 words today. Aiming to be done with this chapter by the end of the week.

    EDIT: Got a bit more done. Up to 1386 words.
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  16. How's the book coming along?
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    It's going well. I hope to be done with the first draft within the next few months.
  18. And that's Book 2, correct?
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    It is.
  20. That's amazing! What's gonna happen after you get it done?
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