Can't focus on studying, how to fix it?

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  1. I am a 27 year old woman. i need to get into uni this year. I can't wait any longer. it is time for me to become the person I want to be and exploit the potential i know i own. also for my reboot, I used to relapse after failing at something

    I am not risking relapsing now but I feel I need to be aware of the possibility I might still have to fight the urge to hurt myself and destroy my progress. I will reach 1 year PMO free in mid August. up to when i was in high school i could concentrate and study. now after so many gap years i struggle immensely

    i sit down in front of my desk but then i listen to music, watch movies or go for a walk or i sleep and can't do anything else the whole day, i am very depressed and my job did not allow me just a little of social life and i was all about earning and saving money

    on Sunday will be my last day at the job that destroyed me physically and mentally with so many hours, often 53 per week on average. but the thing is it is the kind of job i do now that is very tiring and finish at night so even getting a new job would be probably the same

    even before i had this kind of job and i had the whole day to study i wasn't able. is it because of social media and internet so many distractions and my brain is fried? up to my high school technology wasn't big. why I cannot study? please help. does anybody feel this way?

    i would have an exam tomorrow but i know i woud fail at it and i can't deal with that result so i won't show up but there is another uni i can apply to and exam is in about 40 days. I can't allow another year go by. I need to succeed now
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  2. Hi there, i have the same problem as yours, im in med school which requires a lot of concentration and a good memory, on of my main problems of this addiction is the deterioration of my cognitive skills, i used to be a beast in studying but now i can not take it more than 30min of work
    I think that you should calm down, relax and avoid stress because it will only make the situation worst, shut off all the distraction, make a strategy how to study depending on the work size and planning your 40 days in a perfect way.
    Then you should take It easy with your brain, work for 30min than make a break of 5min, believe me at first your brain will try to trick you but if you resist each day he would last more then the day before, we call that in med Neuroplasticity.
    Make some physical training because it is proved scientifically that it help the mental for a better functionning.
    Sorry for the language, it is not my first language, good luck and keep head up !!
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    Hey I am ur AP remember
    I am also a student and I suggest you to first go to you tube and see two vedios (you have to search)
    1. Vegeta's Pride
    2. Controlling urges NoFap animation

    And see top vedio only
    U will definitely get help
    And msg me after ur success
    Good luck
    U will top this time
  4. Download the Tomato Timer chrome extension. Also, download Do Useful beta extension.
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    You're on the right track with the social media, it is one of the causes of our short attention span and for many of the social anxieties we have nowadays. Social media allows you to show to other people a curated life, but it goes the other way around and it works against you. You see your "friends'" curated way of life, that hides the troubles they have. So then, unfairly, you compare your full self (with troubles and good things) with the carefully curated (and only with good things) self of other people; there's your recipe for depression. I'd say quit social media entirely, your real friends will email you or will call you.

    I can only recommend you that you limit yourself as much as possible from screens (no TV, no social media, no youtube). Walking in nature is good, but leave the phone at home and just wander around for several hours, thinking of how can you help your best friend (yourself). To me, walking in nature is one of the best ways of reconnecting with myself.

    Lastly, avoid acting like one of your parents, meaning avoid to berate yourself for not being able to study; a good friend will not treat you like that. Even if you don't go into uni, you're just as loveable as if you would, it doesn't make you less. Maybe the next job will be less stressful than the current one and will give you the time to be with your emotions for longer. It's not the end of the world :)
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    Develop the habit of studying through conditioning: start small, soon enough you gonna miss when you can't study.

    Discipline is something that you either have it or you don't: At least for me, there is no way I can have discipline in one area and not have it on other things.

    If I'm studying, I'm developing my career, exercising, eating better food and working on my emotions. Of course you should start small, as I said. I only think that those small things are part of the whole, and that whole is discipline.
  7. Same situation, currently finishing my engineering degree. I had a job which I liked a lot but was taking lots of time and energy. Regarding my PMO addiction I find useful first staying free for a period of time, just to see some benefits and then gradually beginning the studies. So for you by the time you start with small steps, you'll see that you're not fried, we're in the same boat, but you can in the meantime organize and plan your studies. By the way I try to keep a schedule and stick with it by creating my little "ritual", like surfing 5 min social media, checking emails and other things, the last one is putting a classical Playlist which helps studying, when it starts I know that I must begin studying.
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    I understand you. I myself have difficulties. I heard that you need to combine time management techniques and psychological practices. Do you think this can help? And what exactly to do?
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    Maybe you're right. A combination of such things can be helpful. But the main thing is to set priorities correctly. For example, if I don't have enough time to write an essay, I use essay writing help. Sometimes, it is simply necessary, so as not to be distracted from performing other tasks at work and at home. It is also helpful to read more about the success stories of great people. They were not distracted because they were heading for big goals.
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    I suggest you to read the " component effect ".
    This book is very useful and I'm sure it will help you.
    I live in iran and i have an exam which we call it Concour and it is one of the most difficult exams because it have 600000 volunteers.
    Last year i couldn't get the rank which i wanted and pmo destroyed me but I'm trying to pass this exam this year.
    And i know you are in a difficult situation but I'm sure you can reach what you want . Just don't be disappointed .
    This book helped and now I'm sure i can get what i want and you also can.
    And i wanted to write more but my english language is not very good and i don't know how to express and write what i want to say.
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    Check out the Pomodoro technique. It's 25 minutes of studying, then 5 minute break. Repeat until you hit an hour, then take a 15-20 minute break.

    When you are taking your break, it is important to not indulge in technology. Use that break to stretch, take a walk, do something productive.

    You can adjust the Pomodoro technique to your liking. The point is to implement a study routine/schedule.
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    I don’t know why, but having to focus leaves me no choice but to find myself a distraction!I have tried many different approaches, techniques, and tips to help me sit and concentrate. The few that work for me are:
    Find a quiet workspace away form other distractions and make it into your study space.
    Pace. I create a plan to study for 20 minutes, and then take a 5-minute break.
    Simplify notes to few words. Then, on the test, it’s easy to expand on concepts.You can use online assignment help.Don’t keep re-reading the same notes. If they don’t make sense, I find other sources on the same topic to study from.
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  13. I live with my parents and siblings. So there is a lot of noise in my house. (It's a small house too.)

    I have been ignoring and half-assing my studies for almost my entire life. Now I am in university and time's slipping from my fingers.
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    Hi guys and thanks for this great forum
    i am new her and i have just started my challange for 90 days nofap and i want all your support :D
    My issue is all i want is to perfect the time managment for study, focusing on time to spend on stufing rather than really know something and that kill me and procrastinate me
    so help me, give me a advice just to start studing and keep going what ever the small i achive!
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    Yep, it seems like that to me. You've lost practice and get distracted easily. Just today I've listened to this book while working (I did more working than listening, but I think I got the important parts ;) ).

    Note: The second half of the book seemed quite boring (maybe just because I listened to it after having lunch).

    If I were you, I would start little by little, maybe reviewing things that are easier or reviewing things that you already know. The important thing is getting some momentum and creating the habit of studying every single day.

    Hope it works.

    PS: Oops, I've just seen this post is from 2019. Well, it could be a good advice for someone, don't you (whoever you are) think?
  17. still struggling with this actually. i tried to listen to some music in the background or this one but it doesn't work for me, it disturbs me. when i was concentrated deeply i was stuck in my room, light on, windows closed, even the sound of birds were bugging me from being focused. it is now with all this mobile phone, i can watch funny, makeup videos or series on my laptop instead of working or tablet, apps etc. i deal with so many distractions. 10 years ago these distractions didn't exist. does anyone else experience this?

    for sure from wanting to take a gap year to then haven't had studied in 10 years had a bigger impact on my mind in the long run more than i expected. i miss going to university. i am trying to find the money to pay first year at least, have few months to get the funds. i am 28. feel old that maybe it is too late but i know university would give me the purpose that i need
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    My wife started studying a degree 2 years ago, she's in her late forties now. Never is too late to learn something new.

    I always wanted to improve my English but never did a thing to achieve it ... I thought I'd never get to speak more or less fluently. Well, I was completely wrong, not only wrong, but ... after achieving that, I've started also learning Italian and German. I have a plan. I'm going to learn up to 10 languages in my life. Most of my teens, twenties and thirties have been a waste of time, so now I'm determined to get the most of my forties, fiveties, ...


    Keep practising and you will soon regained that lost focus. I'm 100% sure.

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