Celibacy: Please Read If You Are Doing Hard Mode.

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  1. Seeker19

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    If you repress sexuality, there may be negative effects. You wont go crazy and all. But lust will overtake you when it gets the chance.
    You have to sublimate it.
    God, sorry guys, for saying this over and over again, but that's the only way :)
  2. Seeker19

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    What motivates me to walk on this path?

    I have had my fill of comforts of women and the rest. I am satisfied with the world. I am convinced that this world cannot offer me freedom of the Soul. I will not give my birthright of Eternal Freedom, Permanent Happiness, for lust.
    My mind, although, still needs to be fully disciplined.

    What are the benefits i wish to get?

    This Self, the Soul, this ever-pure Atman cannot be realized by squandering our time and effort with woman and gold.
    Lust makes us think "I am the body".
    This body is just like a coat. I musnt identify with my clothing and i will eventually abandon it.

    One day somebody asked Swami Chinmayananda,

    Guy : Swamiji, why have you renounced the world?
    Swamiji : What are you chewing?
    Guy : Chewing-gum.
    Swamiji : When will you spit it out?
    Guy : When all the juice; its essence, is gone.
    Swamiji : Exactly! I chewed the world. When it lost its essence, i spat it out. That's all.

    I find sometimes my mind still desires wordly pleasure. So to discipline it, i have chosen this.

    All the best,
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  3. diamondboi

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    celibacy mode is more or less involuntarily, meaning the option to find women is negligible, but for the most part is a result of having a lack of experience, and confidence.

    Everyone wants sex, don't believe the hype.
  4. diamondboi

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    Really feel like your coming off as a troll.
  5. Seeker19

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    Lets not assume anything, man.
  6. Seeker19

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    Read this now and wanted to share it here.

    "It augments memory, will-force and brain-power. It bestows tremendous strength, vigour and vitality. It renovates the system or constitution, rebuilds the cells and tissues, energises digestion and gives power to face the difficulties in the daily battle of life. The special virtues of endurance and bravery are intimately connected with the cultivation of chastity."
    - Swami Sivananda (Practice of Brahmacharya)
  7. diamondboi

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    sounds like u must be a walking adonis, and casanova mixed into one
  8. Imbackbetterandstronger

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    That's what I am aiming for complete sobriety
  9. monkotto

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    i can understand you...had similar experiences many times...

    in the good old days (before porn and sex addiction).

    this is a kind of gift. ;)
  10. Immanuel

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    Hi. Just for a bit of context, I am a fairly standard 24 y/o male, not a monk or anything. I am taking a similar path. For me, the goal is not repression of sexuality. My goal is purification of my own motives and desires. My desire for no pmo is a byproduct of my love for Jesus. It's not like I'm giving up all the good stuff by abstaining from sex - my experience is that following Jesus is actually far more satisfying. I believe that sex with the woman that I marry will be more enjoyable and satisfying by doing hard mode until the day I get married. It also honours the woman that I marry in a way that, I think, nothing else can.
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  11. Behnam

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    I'm doing hard mode as well. I broke up with my abusive gf 3 weeks ago and i'm done with girls for at least one year from now
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  12. Nameless_And_Faceless

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    I'm also a celibate person due to religious reasons, and I commend you for taking a stand about stopping PMO in your life. I have been hesitating whether to take this great challenge seriously for a very long time now. I tell myself that this time I will succeed, but then after a few days, I find myself relapsing.
    No sexual activity whatsoever is a very hard challenge, but I believe that it is doable until you marry a woman. I have tried many times, but there will be a time when you feel like you're gonna go crazy and must release the urge.
    My purpose for now is to no PMO for 30 days due to a religious month coming this Thursday.
  13. sparkz

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    I am doing hard mode for at least 90 days. Admittedly I am still grieving over the end of my last relationship (it's been a year), but I will not look at men sexually any more (I'm a woman).
  14. Vagus Nerve

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    OK, I have just registered to share my experience with you.

    As of today, 6th August 2018, I have been a complete celibate for six months. It does not sound a lot but I have done it in the past few times for about the same period. When I say complete celibate that means also trying to keep my thoughts clean from sexual fantasies. I still do have sexual dreams (like last night) but no accidental spillage luckily. I can't control those but I expect with time they will dminish.

    More importantly the way things are going, I am likely to keep going celibate for a very long time. Thank God!

    Why am I doing this?
    First of all, I have been in a long term relationship that is now ending and my absence from sex perhaps has something to do with it.
    So I guess, you're wondering why I am sacrificing my family (with children) just to pursue this very uncommon life style?
    The answer is I have come to the realization that sex might patch up things for a while but it is not the reason for the break up. My woman would probably tell you otherwise but it is because women get validation through sex and most importantly they feel dis-empowered if they can not bargain with it.

    Anyhow, let's go back to the question of celibacy.

    How do I feel?
    I guess people would expect me to say great but I just feel normal. I follow a very successful physical and spiritual developing program which contributes a lot to my well being and as it happens it also advocates abstaining from casual sex. So it is a combination of factors but I would speculate that my celibacy helps a lot.

    Do I not want to be intimate with a woman again?
    I would but only if I find the right person to practice "down sex", which is a form of celibacy which strangely enough involves physical intimacy and even penetration. No, it is not dry orgasms or edging.

    From where I am standing now, it looks to me that regular sex with a woman will not be on the cards any more, as majority of modern women are quite toxic. Yes, that's strong language but it is the truth. I could elaborate but I would just leave it at that for now.

    Do I advocate celibacy for everyone?
    No, unless you clean your body first and then you might discover that sexuality as we know it is not so natural after all.

    What about procreation?
    Sex for procreation is acceptable in my book and I have three children and I would advise anyone to try to find the right partner and procreate but be very very careful! After that, one can dedicate themselves to a life of celibacy and higher goals.

    That's all for now but if anyone has any question I'd happy to answer them.

    Good luck to all pursuing it.

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