Chronic fatigue syndrome during reboot anyone?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Fenix Rising, Jun 19, 2019.

  1. Fenix Rising

    Fenix Rising Fapstronaut

    Hi fellow fapstronauts,

    I'd like to ask you if anyone experience Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) while rebooting. I just saw signs and symptoms list on mayo clinic and I can check 5-6 of 8 symptoms. I don't know if I should contribute it to being in monk mode or not. Last time I did monk mode for around 200 days, I felt like shit for the first 3-4 months (also had wild moods wings), but energy level started to improve down the road and was much better at the end of the streak then when I started the reboot process. This time around I've had zero mood swings and my average energy level has been very low, even lower than at the beginning of current reboot. Did you experience similar long lasting problems?

    - Fatigue :emoji_ballot_box_with_check:
    - Loss of memory or concentration :emoji_ballot_box_with_check:
    - Sore throat :emoji_x:
    - Enlarged lymph nodes in your neck or armpits :emoji_x:
    - Unexplained muscle or joint pain :emoji_ballot_box_with_check:
    - Headaches (have had them in early recovery) :emoji_x:
    - Unrefreshing sleep :emoji_ballot_box_with_check:
    - Extreme exhaustion lasting more than 24 hours after physical or mental exercise :emoji_ballot_box_with_check:
  2. C.HNF

    C.HNF Fapstronaut

    Fatigue, check
    Sore throat, check
    Loss of memory or concentration, check
    Unexplained muscle or joint pain , check
    Headaches, check
    Unrefreshing sleep, also check
    I have all of these. Since you have gone and done a little research would you spare me the trouble of researching too by telling me how long are these symptoms gonna last?
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  3. Fenix Rising

    Fenix Rising Fapstronaut

    I couldn't find any answer to that question as it can have many causes. Here is some advice how to get rid of it:
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  4. SharpFocus

    SharpFocus New Fapstronaut

    Yes, my biggest side effect is fatigue in addition to mood swings. That is what causes me to relapse because when I am fatigue I don't function the same. My speech is impaired and I have brain fog.... it sucks :(
  5. RebootIan

    RebootIan Fapstronaut

    I have experienced all of these symptoms during my recovery but you will find that over time they are all less intense and less frequent.

    Things that helped me:
    • Vegan diet
    • Sleeping 8 hours per night
    • Running every day
    • Lots of water
    • Meditating every day
    • Cold showers every day
    • Cutting out alcohol
    • Cutting out caffeine
    • Avoiding devices
    • Journaling
    I know. I go without a lot of things.
    But my recovery is going really well and I want that more than anything.
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  6. AnxietyDude

    AnxietyDude Fapstronaut

    I have found a regiment of Braggs Apple-cider Vinegar/ with Mother in it. And Turmeric.
    Have all but eliminated any and all symptoms. I get fuzzy once in awhile but is very mild.

    NOT medical advice, just what I do. I researched for a few years and found the easiest way to
    put my balance back. In fact I often feel like I could lift a truck, it makes me feel that good.
    Been doing the Braggs two years, and Turmeric about 10 months.
    To keep it brief the Braggs help balance the bodies PH and sugars, as well as acts as a immune booster.
    Braggs is not for everyone as it take some time to get used to it, kinda like how Coffee is to new comers.
    The Turmeric hase some qualities to help blood flow as well as assist with sugar balance. Its not for people with Diabetes,
    but they say it helps avoid it. It has a antibiotioc, anti-swelling and ammune booster and helps with bacteria as well as other things.
    Do not take this stuff just cause I do. Ask your doctor or do your own research. These tend to have no side effects, but
    does not mean you wont have any. Point of posting is their is help out there to help balance the body.

    It is suggested to avoid heavy salts fats and carbonated drinks and caffeine as all these do not help the body heal.
    And avoid fast foods. What I do will not work, if I do not eat well. I know cause I tried and feel like crap and the treatment doesn't work.

    Good luck,
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  7. Eaglevision_2019

    Eaglevision_2019 Fapstronaut

    Thought I'm the only one experiencing speech problems. I cant speak straight forward, mind is slow. its like it cant coordinate with my mouth. Sucks
  8. Fenix Rising

    Fenix Rising Fapstronaut

    I'd just like to add that I've been feeling much better recently. The only change I've made was to add following suplement to my diet:

    - fish oil (Omega 3 fatty acids)
    - Vitamine B complex
    - Vitamine D3
    - Calcium
    - Magnesium
    - Zinc

    I got the recipe for this dopamine mix from former drug addict/alcoholic and it looks like there might be something usefulness in taking this mix. My energy is higher and brain fog has lifted after taking this mix for 14-days (I previously ate only fish oil for 6 months). I also googled studies about this supplements and there is some scientific backing behind them:

    Lower serum zinc in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) ->
    Red blood cell magnesium and chronic fatigue syndrome ->
    Impaired calcium mobilization in natural killer cells from chronic fatigue syndrome ->
    Effect of Vitamin D Supplement on Mood Status and Inflammation ->
    Vitamin B status in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome ->
    In chronic fatigue syndrome, the decreased levels of omega-3 poly-unsaturated fatty acids are related to lowered serum zinc and defects in T cell activation->
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  9. Make sense, addiction + withdrawal = stress. And if we stressed we lose more zinc. Just be careful with B vitamins, some of them got too big dose for few people to handle, especially in long term.
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