Does PMO affect Intelligence?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Casius, Sep 28, 2019.

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    Hello. Despite this being, I think, my 46th day on Total abstinence from PMO. There is something that makes me wonder;

    Before I started Nofap I had some thought that PMO affected intelligence and even personality, BUT I'm certain that I was feeling much more aware & smart before I started doing PMO; and I was kinda a fast-learner too. Though, this didn't start right away as I started PMO, it started to appear 2 years later into PMO.

    Now, I feel like my focus is not that good, neither is my comprehending of very simple and basic stuff. My memory is much weaker too. I feel like I'm dumb after I've been one of the smartest among my friends. I wonder if PMO is the reason or if anything else (like real life problems) is. That, along with motivation to do things and lack of energy. I still feel this but maybe slightly less than before, now.

    Will the reboot help with this if it was caused by PMO? Could it be real life problems as I won't deny there is a lot going on in real life? Though I wonder how that would affect these matters.
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    Intelligence is does not change much throughout life and this was supported with research, IQ tests throughout life do not change much on average.
    Most of the damage that can be done to the brain that would affect intelligence is done early in the development as a child.

    I would say your observation relates more to health of your body, and poorer health leads to problems like brain inflammation that cause brain fog. Brain inflammation is most common cause of mental performance problems in modern society.
    I would say that in many cases people with abuse issues degrade in many ways physically, because they do not take care of their body as well as healthy individual would, this compounds the issue and health declines. It then takes significant time to come back to normal, especially if no special dietary and physical effort is made.
    In other words majority of big improvements in how you feel come from good diet, exercise, interaction with others, that come about as a result of you trying to stop abusive behavior.

    You can explore if brain inflammation is the cause of your mental performance issues by suppressing it with supplements, you can take large amounts of Rasveratrol and Curcumin which rapidly reduce inflammation in the brain and within few hours you will know if it is the cause of your issues. You maybe surprised to find out that your brain clears and feels very sharp if you keep inflammation suppressed.
    Obviously you cant constantly chug 3000mg of rasveratrol to keep your brain working so you will have to explore dietary problems that facilitate it.

    On its own brain inflammation may take weeks or months to resolve and during this time you will feel dulled attention and problems focusing.

    As usual I am not a doctor, do your own research, take responsibility for what supplements you take. Rasveratrol and Curcumin are basically foods and pretty safe from all the information I have.
    There are few books on the topic of brain inflammation that you may want to explore.
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    PMO causes brain fog and hypofrontality. These things could lead to feeling less "intelligent" and "in-control" of yourself, but wouldn't affect crystal IQ as far as I know, and should clear up entirely after a long period of abstinence.

    That said, maybe if you PMO through your formative years as many of us did it can leave us with permanent damage? There's no evidence of this beyond your anecdote, and I'd like to not believe it myself, but it would be a depressing realization to come to.

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