Harmful Assumptions (Images) of Yourself

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    Just a quick few bullet points from an article I thought I’d share. I encourage others to read these bullet points and just try to think about them without judging yourself (bad or good). Really try to see them
    and see who you are behind these images or conditions you’ve put yourself in, observe what you feel, what your body does, if your attention stays focused, what comes to mind:

    “Something to keep in mind is that he oftentimes has a distorted belief about himself which includes*:

    • “I’m a bad, defective, unworthy person.” The person is shame-bound and sees himself as deserving of punishment and retribution with no understanding of healthy guilt (i.e. separation of behavior from his personhood).
    • “If you knew me, you’d leave me," or, “No one will love me as I am.” Deep fears of abandonment which lead to a life of secrecy.
    • “My needs won’t be met if I have to depend on others," or, "I can’t trust anyone to meet my needs,” i.e., emotional needs of affirmation, validation, care, relational trust and security.
    • “Sex is my greatest need.” The distorted belief that sexual release is a need or necessity for life like air, water, and food as opposed to a want.””
    I have some issues with the full article but if you’re interested:

    These assumptions that underlie your behaviors really damage the way one sees the world. What would your life look like if you knew these were wrong? How would you act? How would you care about others and yourself?
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    My husbands PA made me like that. Unfortunately I feel ignorance is really bliss. It’s much harder to unthink something than to never think it in the first place.

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