I‘m about to relapse :|

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  1. Yesterday, I got urges again. Today, I had urges the whole day. I‘m afraid to relapse..
    I tried many things. Distract myself, went outside, took a cold shower etc. Even the emergency button didn‘t help.
    What should I do?
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  2. Sit still and do nothing. The urge will pass. Nothing can make you view P or MO. You can choose differently. it may be the hardest thing yo have ever done to resist. Nonetheless, there is no way forward but to endure through the pain.

    Sit still. Do nothing. Let it pass. When it does, get busy fortifying your mind. This is where the battle is won or lost. We can talk more about that in the future if you would like.

    I am cheering you on toward a better kind of life!
  3. Wuzzaap

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    hope u haven't relapsed yet. Your brain is making u picture unreal things. if u relapse u won't be able to get back to track. Your brain is making u believe that this urge will last forever. its just lying hang in there. tomorrow will be a better day
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  4. Go watch anime. Don't relapse. One Punch Man season two episode 9 came out recently, go watch that and wait for your urges to pass.
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  5. bluemax4

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    Just remember you're not going to feel any better relapsing. If the urges are that bad, go around family or friends house.
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  6. uiop2

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    Trust me, don't really know about you but everytime i relapse i feel very pathetic straight after so you already achieved 2 weeks of nofap, stay strong as you did till today, feel proud of it since for lots of people is impossible to stay away from it for 2 days and keep in mind that we as humans don't need porn or compulsive masturbation to survive. Really, we don't need it. Internet is a relatively new thing so this is a nowaday problem. If you end up relapsing today or tomorrow the day after you need it again and even more and so on...
    I suggest you to go running outside and make sure to get tired, even better if you can with a friend and try this: drink a lot of water and if you feel like relapsing go peeing before, really go peeing and then decide if relapsing or not. it works for me.
  7. wheelgauge

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    Think that, if you proceed to the act, you'll go back to ground zero and full of regrets (by the way, you're on day 15 so, after PMOing, you will be wishing to go back to day 15, where you were some minutes before the relapse)...
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  8. Thank you all for your replies. Didn‘t relapse. I went to bed, just woke up and feel good.
  9. The Lone Ranger

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    What a victory! It’s always the same when the urges come, the brain says there is absolutely no way to get through this without PMO so you might as well just do it and get it done straight away. What a lie that is! Urges will pass, and now you know it by experience!

    Best of wishes
  10. Stefan0987

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    You should start doing something productive instead of waiting for urges to stop.

    Start going to gym for example, or go for a bike ride in the park, go for a walk, clean up your room, start swimming. As soon as you develop a new habit like this I am pretty sure that your brain will have no time left to think about urges. Put your body and mind to work, stop being lazy! You have too much free time, that's what is all about.
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  11. ultrafabber

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    Ok im going to give you the fastest and most efficient way to solve an urge.

    Go buy some dried hot peppers and keep some on your desk. They are dry so it will take a very long time for them to spoil.

    When you have an urge, quicky take one bite, do not delay. Repeat as necessary.
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  12. uiop2

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    Very true but unfortunately you will have to wait another fortnight to be there again... so the day after you start saying to yourself "ok tomorrow is the day, today is ok to relapse, it is gonna be the last time" and so on. It's a vicious cycle.
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  13. uiop2

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    :D It actually sounds like a really good advice i need to test on myself too, crazy but good! By the way good job Anime Lover 42!
  14. Targaryenn

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    This thread is full of very good advices. Thanks!
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  15. wheelgauge

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    I couldn't agree more with you!
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