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    I’m going to keep this as short as possible. And get straight to the point.

    I started doing nofap 2 years ago, I’ve had long streaks and short streaks, I gave in and I tapped after quitting for about 4-5 days in March 11th, unlike a usual relapse for me , (just p and mo) I ran in to something called cam sites, as soon as I got into it I got addicted I feel. I could have gone on a lot longer, and created way more problems for me, but I stopped 4 days in. I started watching these live cam p sites for 4 days straight pretty much, (ALL day) it was insane. One of the 4 days I was watching from 10 am to 5 am the next day. (Breaks for eating and using br). I knew I had to stop, as the time literally flew by and felt like a few hours.

    I stopped the other day, and now I feel like shit. I have this dopamine withdrawal feeling, and less pleasure, and now I’m dealing with waves of anxiety, cravings, and dreams/flashbacks, just from 4 days of watching cam sites, I also had a couple episodes of heart pounding and nervousness. I also

    my question is , is it possible for one, to become addicted to something within 4-5 days? The cam sites were far more pleasurable than p to me and I never could hop on p out of nowhere and do 19 hours straight and feel like the time flew.

    I’ve pm’d for a month straight before after quitting and didn’t even feel this level of withdrawal.
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    Yes. Repeated or CONSTANT use of something can lead to addiction of the item being used whether positively or negatively. Time is just a factor that vary between individuals and experiences. But job well done on stopping yourself. Might not be encouraging to you or to others, but many do not do what you did.
    Many do not even admit their is an issue.

    Stay on the Path of Success. Concerning the dopamine withdrawals... replacement rather that repeated action. Have you find something to do to replace PM?
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    That makes me feel better. Knowing that this isn’t something else I’m feeling. I feel like absolute shit. I learned that for me p is one thing. But cam sites is digital cocaine.

    And yeah, to be honest with you I don’t even want to fap. I just have cravings to look at cam sites,

    I just quit fapping a few hours ago (because I need to do that as well for the benefits). and I quit cam sites 2 days ago. I was fapping yesterday YET still felt withdrawal symptoms. I can’t stress it enough. Stay away from cam sites.

    If 5 days did this to Me. I’d hate to see what would’ve happened if it turned in to 5 months. If not years.
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    Entering the "flatline" then. Its a good state for progress and you'll see other effects as well.

    Your name is a motivator by the way.
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    When I have quit other addictions like alcohol or tobacco and then gone back to them I go full throttle back into it and it ends up escalating quickly. I know this it true for other people too. I'm not sure what the mechanics are but it seems like: you quit, your brain starts jonesing really bad for that hit then when your brain gets the hit after abstinence it tries to make up for the previous lack. This could be totally wrong or inaccurate but that is how it feels to me.
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  6. This is actually entirely accurate and exactly how it works. That is why there are multiple multiple threads on NoFAP about staying away from edging(getting close climax over and over without full on orgasm) because it trains the mind to handle prolonged exposure to high levels of dopamine for far longer than it ever should or ever would in the natural environment.

    That’s why you have addicts(of all kinds) who quit for 1-3 weeks, have their tolerance lower & dopamine receptors just begin to heal and reset to baseline levels, and then they slam themselves with a binge. Because the high they get is much stronger(whether they are aware they are doing this or not is another story)
    I raise my hand ✋ as being somebody who seriously struggles with this and had to dig my way out.

    @Pathofsuccess_1 PLEASE be AWARE, the worst of your recent binge is not yet over, it is going to hit you in 7-12 days after your dopamine levels begin to reset and the jonesing (craving) comes back in the form of a chaser effect. You absolutely must be hyper vigilant for the next two weeks because you are at high risk of relapse right now. Write a plan, find something to replace it or emergency procedures, do it right now, because you will not have the strength to come up with one when the inevitable serious cravings hit you next week.

    All the best
  7. Pathofsuccess_1

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    I’ll just have to get through it. No matter what. I can’t mess around with fapping and restarting streaks any more! The greatest life imaginable is on the other side of 3-4 weeks of nofap (once dopamine levels return to normal). It’s only a few weeks. I’m gonna have to be careful.

    I also noticed in the past that when you get through insanely intense urges. (Like one tap could make you lose the streak). I feel a pressure in my head like something physical is happening, followed by strengthened benefits right after. It’s insane. I love nofap. I can’t fail this time.
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