I feel like I might never get a boyfriend?

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by TheBeachBionic, Jul 25, 2018.

  1. Sisyphus-struggle

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    Try internet dating.
    I was very dateless in my 20s. Got married to the first woman who paid attention to me. 8 yrs later got divorced. I've been back on the market now in my mid 30s for only a couple of months. I'm nothing special to look at and I'm getting dates very frequently.
    Internet dating is really a wonder of the modern age.
  2. SheMonk

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    Ask them out yourself.
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    This, so much this. Women tend to be very subtle, and most guys will miss their signals completely. I'm trying to get better at picking up on them, but it takes time to learn.
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    I'm basically completely oblivious to flirting, and often when I think a woman was flirting, she was just being friendly, or when a woman was flirting, I thought she was just being friendly. For me, a woman would basically have to kiss me or tell me outright for me to know she was interested!
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    Same here lol but it’s starting to make more sense playing with their hair or finding excuses to break the touch barrier
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  6. I can't agree enough about being a dude and missing signals. Unless a woman tells me her feelings explicitly I tend to be clueless. Reading another person's mind ain't easy.

    For that reason I always tell girls if I'm into them. It frees me up to not have to worry about signals back and forth, and it gives them the opportunity to be transparent as well. Then there's no confusion (well, less confusion).
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    Just like women are attracted to men with confidence, men are attracted to women with confidence. These two principles will go a long way... Stand up straight with your shoulders back. Take care of yourself like you are someone you care about.

    Read “12 Rules for Life” by Jordan Peterson... particularly the first rules. You can do something about it and it will affect way more than just your dating life.
  8. TheManDude

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    Hahaha so much wisdom in one sentence! This could make life so much easier to so much people!
  9. Hello commen sense, my old friend.
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  12. ClaudeDuval

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    That's not an unreasonable thing to ask for but you should always work on becoming the best version of yourself. Don't get yourself down, my GF always thought she would never get a BF because she said young men were too superficial... we have been together for 7 years and now her co workers ask who's the cute guy on her phone BG. Lol If you are having trouble finding people locally, don't be scared to meet people online and get to know them, skype chat, whatever.
  13. KingOfAllMedia

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    Make changes that better yourself and boost confidence. Nothing is more attractive than that.
  14. TheBeachBionic

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    What do I do to better myself?
  15. TheBeachBionic

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    But meeting people online is dangerus.
  16. ClaudeDuval

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    You just have to use common sense and a little bit of caution... I met my GF on YouTube years ago when it used to be more interactive, I fell in love with her before I knew what she looked like lol but overtime we gained trust and we started sending pics and talking over the phone(you don't have to give out your number right away either, call on Facebook msnger or skype) and then once we became closer friends over the phone we did a vidchat(very important). You don't have to meet a random account on social media and then hook up the next week in an alleyway. Just go slow and build a close friendship, then once you meet IRL everything just falls into place. It's 2018, everyone meets online... lol
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    You're already on NoFap, there's already a positive change in your life. Maybe start eating healthier, exercise more, create healthy productive habits, nothing is more attractive than someone who is active and has healthy routines. Create the best version of you, but still remain true to yourself. You'll find someone, I promise :)
  18. I would say develop a relationship with a higher power. Nothing's going to lead you to your best self like living under the care and protection of a God of your own understanding. Nothing. That's been my experience.
  19. FlyingPizza

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    You build a life you love. We all have one or two things that we seriously need to fix: We procrastinate; we eat too much of the stuff that's bad for us and not enough of the good stuff; we sit on the couch for six hours watching TV; we exercise once every blue moon; we lack goals for the future; we lack education.

    Human beings become better by working towards a goal they find worth pursuing. NoFap is an example of that.

    So start by setting some goals. You want to become educated, but don't have the money to go to college? Go to the local library and read a book a week. You want to become fit? Sign up for a 5k race and start training for it or join your local gym. You procrastinate? Make a schedule. You want to have more energy? Learn to cook healthy meals that will actually promote health and energy. You want to become a writer? Write 500 words every day, then bump those to a 1000 after a couple of months.

    As far as meeting people, you could join a club at school or university, pursue a hobby, volunteer at an animal shelter... These activities will lead you to meeting people and you'll improve your socialization skills.

    When you build a life you love, people pick it up. You'll have better relationships with your family and friends, and you'll make new friends. But first you have to love your life, or at least what you'll make of it. With all this "You have to love yourself" stuff going around, we have forgotten that we can still improve and fix the flaws that are holding us back. We have settled for being happy with being mediocre.

    There is more wisdom in this statement than in all of the Internet combined. But seriously, as a clueless woman who doesn't understand flirting, being direct is the best approach. I have asked guys out and none of them were turned off by that.

    So if you find a guy you like, ask him out.
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