I feel like I might never get a boyfriend?

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by TheBeachBionic, Jul 25, 2018.

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    Not having sex doesn't take away your values. Why you're so upset of not having sex. Hmmm, society...
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    How old are you? I'm a man, 25yo and I've never hugged nor kissed a woman. Don't worry, you are not alone. Also, never asked a woman out.
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    But why do you think it happened? Do you get out? Do you have friends? Do you work/study?
  6. Facebook is awful, this is a big part of the reason why so many people are deleting thier accounts. It creates a negative environment where you compare yourself to other people. They don’t know any guy that’s attracted to you? So they have met every guy on the planet and they have read thier mind? I think you listen to them too much, better if you just live your life and see for yourself. There are billions of guys on this planet to believe that there is not one person who would like you is illogical. There is someone for everyone we all have our type.

    I would recommend doing online dating it’s an easy way to meet people. Guys don’t approach as much these days because of various factors. Like approach anxiety, social awkwardness, the rise of online dating etc...
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    I mean, I would date you.. you know? :)
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  8. Speaking as man I would say that its all inside your head and try not to listen to what facebook people say , I know when I started on the dating scene many years ago I thought some women were way out of my league and had no chance with them but I surprised myself when I did get the nerve to ask them out many said yes to my surprise . If there is one thing I learned in the dating game prepare to be surprised you never no who is really interested in you
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    @TheBeachBionic, this is the second thread I've seen you post basically about the same thing. We don't know what you look like, but aren't going to ask for a picture because we're anonymous here. You should talk to your family and close friends about your insecurity. Don't trust people's opinion on the internet! We're not going to put you down here, but this isn't the right place to be looking for validation, either. If you have low self-esteem, work on self-improvement, and you'll start to feel better about yourself. Confidence is attractive!
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    Well don’t listen to what people have to say love yourself and believe in yourself and keep improving yourself every moment you get and you’ll certainly atract the true one your way
    Have faith in yourself :)
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    Would you really?
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    Work on your physical appearance. That's all guys care about.

    Body, skin, hair, clothing.

    I'm a guy, and I haven't maxed out my looks yet... That's why it's really hard for me to get dates, despite having approached thousands of women.

    In today's world, everyone is shallow. Doesn't matter if it's man or woman. Physical appearance is all that matters to get you in the door. First impressions are made in less than one second.

    You get the point.

    So start improving your looks TODAY.

    And when you start to notice guys checking you out as you walk down the street, you know that you're on the right track.
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    Not quite true, but it is usually the prime factor for men! Men also consider things like voice, mannerisms, scent, and personality, but they aren't usually on the top of the list.

    Looks aren't usually the prime factor for women, though. If you're too focused on your looks, you might come off as shallow and uninteresting.
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    It frustrates me that no guys approach me or ask
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    I can understand that. It must be a great feeling to be approached, and it must be frustrating if it doesn't happen.

    So, let's work out how you can make it happen, and find a boyfriend.

    First, where are you meeting guys you might be interested in? If you're not meeting them, you can't ask them out. So have a think about what you could do and where you could go to meet interesting guys. That could be:
    • at work
    • in your neighbourhood at parks and shops
    • at parties
    • introduced by friends or family
    • in bars or clubs
    • at church
    • on the street
    • at college
    • at your choir
    • on a park run ...
    There are endless possibilities. Take up some activities you like, where there are men of about your age.

    Next, talk to them. I wonder if you're sending out closed, anxious vibes and seem so stressed about being approached that guys will prefer to leave you alone. It's hard, but you can learn to take some initiative and talk to guys.

    Often, guys really need a signal that it's okay to ask you out. It can be really hard to have the job of asking women out. And women often think a hint is *really obvious* but guys haven't even noticed it. So you need to crank up your hinting and be prepared to look at a guy you're interested in, and make it *really, really obvious, even to a guy* that you want him to pursue you.

    Also, you could try internet dating.

    Plus, remember Morrissey's famous line:

    I was looking for a guy and then I found a guy, and heaven knows, I'm miserable now ...

    If you're too young for the Smiths you should look them up. Anyway, okay so I messed with that line a bit but there's truth in it. You don't want just any guy, so don't snatch at a generic boyfriend. It's much better to wait and find a good one.
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  16. Your body language say a lot about yourself and your intentions . Check yourself out from time to time and see in what position you are regarding it. Make sure you express whatever you want to express!
    Just a thought. ..
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  17. Hi, I say this to be helpful. I hope you take it as such.

    Take a rigorously honest and compassionate look at yourself and see if there are changes you can make. You can't control other people but you can control yourself. You attract people who see you the way you see yourself.

    Peace to you,
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  18. I thought I was the only one quoting Smiths lyrics!!! I was literally about to change my status to one and I still intend to.
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    I want guys to accepr me for who I am not make changes to myself.
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    When people say “changes”, they mean changes for self-improvement, not changes in personality, and so on.
    For example, you might be attracted to someone who has clear skin and nice ironed clothes (clean look). To get that clean look, you must have a proper habit of showering, moisturizing, etc.
    Also, make sure that you send out proper signals to guys, but I don’t really advise you go and approach them. It’s considered much more masculine, but hey, if you want to approach them, then that’s fine.
    Don’t be too stressed out about it. Many guys are somewhat shy and don’t really like approaching as much. It takes time until you meet somebody willing to approach you.
    For now, it’s in your best interest to:

    Improve your signals
    Self-improvement (get in shape if you aren’t - workout, meditate, daily showering)
    Improve your dating game (if you need to)

    Overall, don’t be too stressed out about it, and especially don’t try to start chasing people.
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