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  1. Hey everyone, thanks for letting me be a part of this wonderful community. I was here just like all of you with the motive to fight this new drug "porn". It has done some serious effects on our life. Everybody has strong reasons to quit this that's why everyone of us are here. The reasons are so string that we can't even think of. This community has given a lot to me. I'll be always grateful to you all. Thanks for everything. I learnt a lot of things here. I had to say something. We all are here with a motive to get rid off this addiction. I want to share my opinion with you, I know I'm not completely right but not completely wrong as well. If I have learnt something here, It's my duty to deliver something to this community. I would request you all to read this book - atleast once. But you'll have to finish it within 4 hours. I found this book on the Lord Of The Rings Challenge page, someone dropped this link there. Everyday all of us have the chance to get rid off porn but its we who decides to get stuck in this cycle. I don't want to live with the urges for my whole. What sort of freedom would that be if I'll still be fighting with the urges after months while I'll be working. We don't feel the urges when we are in theaters or at some public place. Let's be free together. And last suggestion from my side, please don't browse for NoFap videos I know that's good but If you'll keep indulging your brain into that you won't be able to forget about the addiction. Let's make this platform proud of us. That's it from my side. I'll be missing you all. Its our year friends let's do it.

    Thank You Everyone
    Regards Kingler :) :)
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