Losing the battle, but I’m focused on winning the war. Yeah

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    Lately I have been masturbating and watching porn a lot. I also feel like I am losing my friends. I haven’t had much luck with ladies. I don’t know why I have been losing these battles. My friends say I am much more angrier I don’t what it is, I have felt much anger but I have felt distancing between us. I only know right now I’m just facing a battle, but the war is still to be won. I feel like I’m going to spend the rest of this week on my own and reflect.
    What do you all do during these times? How can I regrows these relationships? How can I get ladies to want to be around me more?
    How can I win the next battle and challenge?
  2. -Remembering the consequences of continuing down that path I was on.

    -I haven’t figured that one out yet.

    -An older woman I’ve known for a while who is like an older sister to me got frustrated with me yesterday as I was going on and on once again about my woes in finding a woman to share my life with. She said forget about finding a woman and continue to work on myself. Continue to get out more but don’t be so obsessed about finding a woman. I’ll meet more people as I get out and about and will eventually meet a woman that’s interested in me. But don’t be so obsessed about it, it’s screwing up my head.

    At first I was offended but I have to admit she’s right.

    -To win a battle, you must plan ahead. To take on a challenge, you need a game plan. Carefully consider the things that made you stumble in the past and map out strategy to win next time around.

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