Nearing 90 day reboot, when will I see improvement

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by, Sep 1, 2018.

  1. Fapstronaut

    Heyo, I'm at day 81 and through those 81 days my self confidence has gone up and blah blah all of that happy go lucky stuff, but... I'm trying to maintain a good, sexual relationship with my girlfriend where before I had PIED and she still supported me. I now get very hard erections but never during the day when I'm busy, only at night when I'm in bed. I do get morning wood much more often. We haven't tried anything lately since school started and she's busy with her hectic schedule. I have not had the moment of mega libido people described that comes with rebooting. My sex drive is still dull even when fooling around with gf. I had no interest in porn at all until recently when I think about it every now and then. Porn disgusts me and I just want to have that crazy hornyness for my gf and get rock solid at the thought of her. I still don't get an erection to thoughts about sex. Can someone tell me when this will happen for me, I see improvement, but not the kind I want. I'm almost 17 and I've read it takes longer for teens but I don't got time for that. I almost forgot, I get erections like I said alone going to bed, but can't when girl is around. Thanks

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