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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Mer9117, Aug 30, 2018.

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    A lot of people rely on nofap as the answer to the problem, it's really just the gate way. Nofap gives you a lot of self discipline, always having to tell yourself no, letting your mind conquer your body. This discipline carries to other fields as well like starting a healthy diet or working out regularly or reading self help books.
    This doesn't come from nofap,
    rather from the discipline that nofap gives, and the source of the discipline comes from you.
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  2. Yes!!! Very true mate.No Doubt nofap is not the solution of all problem.It only shows us wt really matter in our life and its shows us the real life problem tht we need to solve..
  3. I have painfully learnt this going through this. I read the Success Stories and the cost (giving up whacking to porn) didn't hold a candle to the benefits (increased confidence and attractiveness to women). Me being disciplined was never an issue, but I need to know that my discipline will have a benefit (beyond the simple pleasure of the discipline itself). Given my day count, I was honestly hoping to feel a Hell of a lot better about myself, but it hasn't been the case. I've had a 'weak' week (related to gluttony rather than sexual urges), so I'm feeling very low at the moment.

    Time to get back to 'meditating' (yes, that's said with a great deal of cynicism and bitterness).

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