[ PMO -FREE 2019 CHALLENGE ] - three hundred and sixty five days without PMO in 2019

Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by control your life, Dec 24, 2018.

  1. im glad friend , stay strong !
  2. Sorry for that Chris , i also relapsed few years back on day 28 after very stressful day at work ! Its a drag! The bad feeling afterwords is terrible , i needed more than a month for another long streak ! Try again friend!
  3. Hi friend , you seem very good at fighting strong urges away ! Continue the good work!
  4. Yes ,for sure confidence is boosted and the energy level is great , but we notice it very late sometimes ,usually after relapse , when we feel down and crushed!
  5. sometime change is the only thing that can change our life...be the change we want to see in the world...journey to be continued...day 22/31st December 2019...
  6. SomeRandomNatty

    SomeRandomNatty Fapstronaut

    Good morning, check in, have a nice day everyone
  7. Randox

    Randox Fapstronaut

    Day 30, Check in

    Congratulations on reaching this milestone guys, we still have a long journey ahead, let's stay vigilant and keep going.
  8. WanderTruth

    WanderTruth Fapstronaut

    sorry guys, relapse.... i dont know what to say... maybe i have too much troubles to solve. but i wish you here all the best. i need to carefully think about my life and myself :(. and again i admire all of you here. great warriors
  9. hey ,its ok man ,we all have been there ,tough and rough days can break just about anyone , and temptation is always there , i dont even know how not to act out when hits you with full power , maybe delaying acting out helps!
    My biggest weapon now is to close all doors to temptation ,no sexy thoughts ,no sexy fantasies ,no edging at all , not even touching any parts of the body for long
  10. Randox

    Randox Fapstronaut

    Once a PMO thought comes to your mind, say "No thanks" and do something immediately. Do not let it last one second. When the fire is easy to extinguishe?
    That's the key to success in this journey guys.
  11. Checking in, day 30, keep moving forward ! :):):)
  12. henry3526

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    Day 30, Boom!

    The urges are pretty strong today, but I'll make it
  13. Check in Wednesday :) -50 wind chill here in Chicago! :eek:
  14. there are always someone who are in worst situation then we are & they will eventually succeed at the last while we are still busy in making excuses & relapses...better we should focus on giving our best rather than result & its impact on our life...everyone get issues in life but we have to succeed while going through same...that's what life is...life is too short to make regret & excuses...its to defeat v/s to get defeat...
  15. Even though if you don't shame still life will go on, at least you survived for 29 days...life is not meant for comparison with others still you are better than those millions of people who consumed tons of porn in last 29 days & you keep on fighting...just keep your head & goal always up...success dont comes so easy else everyone could be successful...wish you luck for your new journey...
  16. SomeRandomNatty

    SomeRandomNatty Fapstronaut

    A lot of dropouts lately. I'm having strong urges again too, and not just PMO: My brain is desperately searching for new dopamine fixes. Maybe there is another common peak after 4 weeks/1 month?
  17. hi friend , did you try exercizing in the gym , it gives solid dopamine after work out ,and helps you sleep better ,or just jogging is great too ,maybe with your favourite music ON! Anything basicly , but pmo ,which will take away your confidence and not to mention the chaser effects, but you know better , you have been there ,dont forget how you felt!!
  18. First month almost done; keep it up, proud of you!

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