Reduce the binge/relapse cycle! *challenge*

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    Here is how it works:
    For the next xx days grade yourself. I’m doing 365 days, but choose any time frame you want. Your grade = (days nofap)/(total days). So, for example, if after 25 days you’ve pmo’d on 3 days your grade is = 22/25 or B+. Not bad! If after 100 days you’ve pmo’d on 23 days, you have 77/100, or a C+. Try to get the highest grade you can. Set a realistic goal based on past performance and try to hit it.

    Right now I’m on day 165 and I’ve pmod 1 time, so my grade is 164/165. My streak, on the other hand is only day 41. What this has done for me is to help me limit the binge/relapse cycle as well as keep focus and positivity up! When we limit our relapse, we keep some of the progress we made on our last streak. Two steps forward, one step back kind of thing.
    Good luck!
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    il join 90/90
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    I'm in with 1825/1825. Five holy years!
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