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    Hi. 14 days ago I decided to stop porn and fapping and I'm starting to feel again, I feel anything again. My emotions are harder, sadness, happiness, anger...
    The thing is that in these days I've been dating a girl (nothing had happend yet) and when I think about her I want to fap, but I don not want to lose my streak. This feels awful... ok, I got my feelings back since I stopped fapping but I can't focus on anything when I'm horny, and because of the pandemic don't have much to do to distract myself, this gives me anxiety.
    I've got to mention that I'm virgin, and I really hope to lose my virginity with this girl, but I feel like I could't stand it if things do not go the way I'm expecting. Thanks for reading (srry for my english)
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    Stay strong, Brother!
    If you need help, guidance or just someone to talk to, feel free to message me.
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