Spotting and understanding PM triggers.

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    So this is my very first thread and my story is as similar as the many threads i have already read. A good 15 years wasted watching porn excessively and at some stages with a routine id follow religiously. Ive come to the end of my tether with it, as we all are wanting to better ourselves in one way or another.

    So for me, i am one fuck up away from becoming divorced, and she WILL find out.. She doesnt need to see my history (which, for the record, id delete before she saw anyway). She just knows from how i distance myself after my fix, or how i get grouchy when she starts to initiate sex.

    So its been i think 7 days off the top of my head. She is just as nervous as i am about fucking up. It seems shes doing all the work for me finding this website and buying me books and talking to me about avoiding triggers..

    So heres the point to my thread. Triggers?.. I thought about it for a while and i honestly have no idea what my triggers are or what they could be? I dont think it can be seeing a half naked body whilst scrolling through facebook on some random page. Or seeing an advert on t.v which lets be honest here is full of sex or enticing images.

    Ive watched that much porn, ive desensitized myself it. Even watching porn takes me hours to 'enjoy' because its not giving me the same fix. Im nervous that if i hadnt got drunk and admitted it to my wife, id be moving my obsession onto much harder, extreme porn. Like they say weed is the gateway drug to harder drugs.

    So whats triggering me to obsess over porn? What is yours? Please write what you think is yours as it might spark something in my head to try and avoid.

    Many thanks x
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    For me your triggers are the lightest, most "innocent" of desires. As the heavy effect of you P addiction recedes, you may find yourself triggered by real people or very soft images. These are my triggers, but this is the kind of P that has always interested me - if indeed you can call it P!

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