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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by arpitasdfg, Oct 6, 2019.

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    Guys its been around 25 days since i started nofap. Even though i can get sex easily im doing hardmode to get the full benefits. Never thought i would reach this stage but i fell for a girl few days ago in my office and we talked and walked together whole time during breaks.That made it a bit easy to follow nofap as i felt genuine attraction for her.

    I had to resign recently due to some bad boss issues, and she also left the job one day after me due to her own personal reasons. Now since the past 2-3 days my emotions are all over the place. This girl is moving away to another city due to some study related stuff. And im feeling so needy and desperate, its like OMG. I have dated girls in the past, but damn this time it feels so weird especially due to nofap. I'm nervous,anxious and fearful all the time. I even cried last night. Also I'm 30 and my career also is going nowhere. I keep getting similar dead end jobs just bcoz they pay more,and due to these reasons i end up fapping and back to where i started.I wanna really change this time and become a better person. But so many thoughts keep going on in my mind, its ridiculous. I'm afraid of change even though i really want to. I miss my past and all the opportunities i cudve had. Also sex and girls are in my mind all the time due to which im unable to concentrate on studies or anything worthwhile too.

    Anyone whose reading this, please any good tips will be helpful guys. A fellow Fapstronaut needs your help :)
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    25 days is a great streak; be proud of it.
    It sounds like you're having dopamine withdrawal effects. Your body is struggling to cope without it, and needs time to reboot. you've got to stay strong brother and power through. It will be difficult but the positives will be worth it. You will have more confidence, energy and the sperm retention will make you more attractive. You will be more motivated with the job situation and hopefully have a more positive outlook on life but these next few weeks will be tough. Dig deep, and stay strong; think about the positives that will happen after this phase
    Good luck!

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