The Main Triggers of a Relapse:

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    I have found that the main reasons of relapsing can be fit into 3 categories: Loneliness, Stress, Triggers.

    You could also call this boredom. It's having nothing else to do may cause you to relapse. Without hobbies or (good) people to hang out with, you will be at a higher chance of relapse.

    This may not apply to everyone, but I have seen this a lot on NoFap and in my own personal experiences. Being stressed out makes you want to relax, as it should. However, it may make you revert back to your old ways and seek relaxation through a relapse. I have seen that finding different coping methods can help.

    Avoiding triggers that enable you to relapse is a good way to avoid relapses. If you are commonly in situations that motivate you to relapse, you therefore have a higher chance of a relapse. For example, if you follow skimpy instagram models and see their posts everyday, you are increasing your chance of a relapse. You are making your thoughts sexual when they shouldn't be.
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    And boring-nes(if that comes into same category as loneliness. Because i think being lonely is not the same as being bored. It is possible to be both at the same time, but this is from my experience. Good list you made though.
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    Tiredness can be another one !
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    Peeking and fishing is a major one.
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    I agree with the list & everything starts with the mind. Everyone wants something that feels good when they're feeling bad. In my opinion, we have it the hardest. Just imagine if pill or alcoholics could pop a pill or have a drink just by looking at their phone? We make last minute decisions, they have to find it or knowingly purchase it. Not saying they have it easy, but my wife who is 10.5 years sober off prescription drugs understands our struggles.
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    "(good) people to hang out with" good should not be in brackets, it should be in capitals. I live with my parents who are insufferable and without any substance, and they make me feel even more lonely than if I was completely alone.
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    If dopamine levels are not normalized we automatically search for dopamine/excitement so should have healthy dopamine producing activities ready to do
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    Bro all tge points you mention above are true.
    The last point u raise about insta is the the most important one. We should avoid insta and also Facebook which also contain some vloger who show and their acting are vulgar and immodest
    And they are all recommended from Facebook. The more you indulge in it ,there will be more chances of relapse. SO AVOID UNNECESSARY USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA. THANKS FOR READING..
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