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Who will win the challenge?

  1. Team Gucci

  2. Team Peanut Butter

  3. Team Peanut Butter Sucks

  4. The Barbarossa Sailors

  5. Team Cashew Butter

  6. Team Bananaz

  7. Team The Fellowship

  8. Team Victorious

  9. Team Nine Lives

  10. The Dream Team

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  1. I understand your point.I in fact have felt like this myself.I knew this was going to be an absolute marathon and not a sprint,I knew that most people wouldn't make it,We all knew who would probably win.But there was a more to this challenge to me personally,It was about getting up day after day(even though I didn't always check in daily) and coming here no matter how bad I was doing and always saying I would try again,it was about having the honesty and discipline to report every single relapse and to bond with everyone here and I think I accomplished all of those things.I myself done worse than anyone in the challenge in fact my amount of relapses are ridiculous however they are what has become my average on NoFap but when I look back at my spreadsheet I have done well considering that in August I relapses dozens upon dozens of times but I can see a slow but steady decrease over the last few months and that is an improvement.

    So in short thank your for participating in the challenge and always being a good sport.You did quite well and I think we were all happy to have you here.
  2. Thanks for reporting it batman.
  3. 11/25/2018

    Well its been awhile since I last checked in and I am sorry for that,Been a lot going on with Thanksgiving here in the U.S and personal stuff going on but I've checked in once again and we only have 5 days left and I hope we can all power through the remaining few days.I must report 1 more strike to add to my total,no excuses for brings my total to 42 but at least it was a 7 day streak.

    @DeservedCriticism While I hate to do this it seems I have no other choice but to remove you from the challenge due to inactivity.This really sucks because you've become one of my best friends here on the forum and I do know that your busy on vacation and that you didn't leave the challenge however you forgot to request extended leave here in the challenge (although you even told me of your absence in your personal journal) and I have to follow the rules.

    You did very well in the challenge and at this point your team was the hands down favorite to win.I am proud of your progress and the fact that you only relapses 3 times in almost 90 days and I proud to have you as my friend.Thanks for participating in the challenge.
  4. Well folks it seems we are down to only 3 teams and 6 participants which is crazy to think.

    @Ginny Weasley @Akermark because both of your teammates have been disqualified it seems the 2 of you are now teamed together. @Akermark was looking like a likely third place finisher while @Ginny Weasley had first place all but locked down and now it seems that the 2 of you will likely finish in second.

    I wish you both the best and you 2 might want to decide on a new name before the challenge ends.
  5. Thanks a lot mate! It definitely feels like a fresh start, but I really hope it doesn't have to that far to come to my senses in the future.
  6. Seems like we are a team now @Ginny Weasley. I'm really sorry that you got your gold medal taken from you, partly thanks to me. Any ideas for a team name?
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  8. Thanks buddy. So far ive avoided the binge :)
  9. Thanks for your words and don't worry about it. I meant to request leave, but I think my parents turned off the internet right before we left, so I couldn't request it. What timing. :p
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    My Progress: (40points+5bonus)= 45points/200days [Last relapse on 30th October] Feeling Great !!
  15. Oh bloody hell I didn't see folks replying, and yikes this was my last day to check in... Tomorrow it ends though, if there's time how bout we change it to Cool Beans? :cool:
  16. Good one lol

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