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Who will win the challenge?

  1. Team Gucci

  2. Team Peanut Butter

  3. Team Peanut Butter Sucks

  4. The Barbarossa Sailors

  5. Team Cashew Butter

  6. Team Bananaz

  7. Team The Fellowship

  8. Team Victorious

  9. Team Nine Lives

  10. The Dream Team

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  1. spaces

    spaces Fapstronaut

    Relapsed yesterday night , it was a difficult night, i M'ed did not see P though . will keep trying .
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  2. Final check in! So, this is it? We're done now, right. Congratulations to The Fellowship for their never ceasing perseverance. Here you go guys!


    Sounds great! I guess that's about the last thing we'll do in this challenge

    I'm sorry to hear that, get up and keep fighting!
  3. Thanks, i didnt even realize we won. We sure lost a lot of teams along the way. It was an honor fighting alongside you :)
  4. So, update from the third month. Of course I'm very disappointed that I got a strike with P after ten months without it. The streak before that was around three months and when I relapsed after that I dipped and watched more or less for over a year. From the two weeks now it really feels like I can keep it to a one time mistake. I'm also happy that I've been avoiding PMO altogether for the last two weeks, enabling me to get fewer strikes this month compared to last. So I'm ending this challenge on a good note which feels great.
  5. I'm chuffed the challenge ended up helping you in the end, at least you're not walking away empty handed!
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  6. Clean Willy

    Clean Willy Fapstronaut

    Hey buddy, you have delivered a flawless performance over the last couple of weeks. To do so following your most bitter disappointment at indulging in porn again, is very commendable. So, it was a blip. Remember that if you get lax with your thoughts and fantasies, you will start masturbating and, unchecked, that ill ultimately lead you back to porn. It may take days, weeks or even many months, but you have experienced the truth of this. That gives you an awesome incentive to stay pure in mind and body. We're none of us perfect, but you can rid your mind of unchaste thoughts as soon as they occur. That is the key to success @Akermark. I know you can do it brother. I will keep on following your progress. :)
  7. spaces

    spaces Fapstronaut

    Can't believe the challenge has ended, how time flies 90 days :) it was a honor to be a participant among such wonderful people, I learnt a lot here in this challenge mainly perseverance is key to beating PMO . Final checkin :emoji_beetle: I will miss checking in here .
  8. [​IMG]
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  9. Horrible timing.
    You got it.
    As always thanks for being honest.
  10. Looks like it.

    10 months without P is a massive accomplishment!
  11. Thanks for doing this challenge man. I know it kind of fizzled out a little at the end, but it really was an awesome idea and a good time. Best of luck to you and i truly hope you break free from this cycle. :)
  12. Thanks batman.And thank you for being here from the beginning.
  13. @Praksh @Ginny Weasley @Akermark @What I Do That Defines Me @spaces

    This is it...September 30,2018 and our challenge ended a little over 6 hours ago.

    I first off would like to give a massive thanks to everyone who stuck it out in this challenge,everyone who participated,those who wanted to but didn't get the chance to do so and to all those who kept up with the challenge and supported our members.

    I can't believe how big this challenge became and how many people actually participated and thought it was a good started out as a small idea between me and my friends @DeservedCriticism @Al123 and @Moon Shot within my personal journal and I have to give the credit for the original idea to @Moon Shot .The challenge completely blew up and became bigger than I ever hoped,again I have to thank @Moon Shot for making this challenge as big as it was.a lot of people thank me and give me credit for this challenge but @Moon Shot along with all of the participants deserve EVERY BIT OF THE CREDIT.

    I stopped checking in frequently along the way and that's my fault.I also relapsed a lot of times during the 90 days and that again is my fault and I have to apologize to my teammate @Praksh

    There isn't much else I can say besides Thank you for reading.Thank you for participating,thank you to everyone who in any way had any thing to do with this thread and thank you for allowing a simple guy like me to conduct this has been an honor.

    And finally there WILL be another challenge in the future.It might be in 1 month or maybe 2 but it will happen and it will have even more participants than this one.

  14. See above post.
  15. Even though I failed to stay within the challenge, I gotta say it was a blast to be a part of and it definitely helped me make some good progress in my recovery. Think I'll join challenges more and if able, I'll definitely join the next event you host, @Desperate_Warrior.

    Until the next challenge!
  16. Address007

    Address007 Fapstronaut

  17. Sounds good, ill ne there :)
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  18. Cheers mate, I hope you're doing well now.

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