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  1. Hello i'm Forward Path, and this has happen to me before a lot of times i don't know why i never confront it, i just said "oh what ever its just game dopamine" but what ever i'm here to see if this has happen to you guys or what it is so you can calm me down, so basically what i'm saying is when ever i play video games, any games scary games, action games , all of that and sometimes in movies too but video games mostly so when i play like aciton games i am usually sitting in my chair and when ever i'm fighting another dude in the game i get a TING like little bit pleasure like woo woo then goes down , and when i fight the dude again comes back and i don't know whats going on?, is my benefits leaving my body i don't watch any PMO and the games i play there is no PMO no females just people fighting each other, why is this happening and i'm on day 1 right now i relapsed after a long streak but it happen in that streak too it happens to me most of the time. Please tell me what's going on and have you experienced this before and i am only 14 years old i don't know what age has to do with this but still. Please let me know what's going on ok.
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    This is quite weird but I went through that as well, when I used to game a lot at you’re age, I guess it happens because you’re very scared to lose against the opponent or maybe the game is arousing you in some way. But try to control you’re wo woo, relax don’t stress to much while gaming it’s just A GAME, you’re benefits are not leaving you’re body, just make sure you don’t fap.
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  3. Thanks I think it has happen to everyone, and they just forgot about it , i understand now thanks! you are almost gonna hit 120 days very nice!
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