Why do people of noFap considering masturbation as a toxic?

Discussion in 'Abstinence, Retention, and Sexual Transmutation' started by Zillion, May 1, 2019.

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    When did I say it was wrong ? All I said is that there is no evidence that supports that masturbation is good.
    And when I say the word "good", I am perfectly aware that it is a moral judgment (besides actual effects of excessive use on the body and mind). I understand the necessity of relativity; I also understand the necessity of morality, which can be a set of personal principles or a common understanding - but always relative.

    Spiritual gurus are hype these days because people have forgotten how to live and are afraid to die, they fear emptiness and a life without meaning. They wait for someone else to tell them what to do. And they get a little comfort, they get inspired, woo! Then they go to someone else, read some book, and it goes on and on, like people who consume self-help material. I'm a pretty nihilistic and cynical person myself, and to be honest, most of the time, it's just marketing. Coaching, self-help, spiritual guidance: probably the least regulated industry on the planet. But I'm getting off-topic.

    I know, we're f*cked. :(

    Of course it does. You've given plenty of examples so I won't expand on it.

    I love this question because this is the theory from one of my favourite authors, Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Unfortunately this work is just as theoretical as your question is hypothetical: humans are beings of culture. Any theory on man that has never met any form of civilization is just irrelevant. I'll leave the answer to your imagination.

    Just to quickly summarize my point:
    - cultural norms are not fixed in time
    - cultural norms are a social necessity
    - as a civilization, we are f*cked
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    Hm im kinda with you, but i think you should not do it to much maybe 1 in 14 days or if you really reward yourself and dont have a girlfriend! For me personally mastubation is not good, because i get lazy after mastubating!
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    A "reward" without a significant achievement.
    Masturbation tends to short-circuit the reward system of the brain. You feel less motivated to do things that gave you a sense of achievement as you can get the same feeling without any effort from your side(Dont tell me that you consider masturbating as a tedious "effort taking activity). So in the end you feel less motivated in achieving your goals. Besides , understand the science behind the pleasure you get during masturbation- you are simulating an act of sexual intercourse which leads to pregnancy and continuity of your species which require lot of energy from the animals. So evolution created a reward system to support this and this is a scientific fact.(Pandas lost this sexual reward system during the course of evolution due to a chemical in the bamboo shoot tip that is why they have become endangered.)
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  4. I was going NoP in 2014, MO frequency decreased to 1-3 days from every few hours.

    Yet, it didn't work, no benefits whatsoever, and relapse into PMO after a few months. Finally going NoPMO five years later turned my whole life around.
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    I think the whole obsession with "masturbation is bad" is a little silly to be honest. The occasional ejaculation (either into your hand or into another person) is not going to drain your super alpha male chakra. Of course you don't want to do it too much - too much of anything is bad (try drinking three gallons of orange juice in a day, for example). In fact, occasional controlled masturbation could actually be healthy. Doctors (who are some of the smartest people around) tell us that doing it once in a while can reduce our risk of prostate cancer - and no, it's not some evil conspiracy to corrupt your mind - you're not that special. More importantly though, releasing a load could be very beneficial if it stops you doing something really stupid, like wasting money and risking STDs on some prostitute somewhere.

    Sure, stay the fuck away from porn. Absolutely. In fact, this is a good test to see whether or not it's time for you to release a load. If you can masturbate to completion quickly without the use of artificial stimulation, go and do it. If not, then you're just craving the rush you get from porn, and you should probably go and do something else instead.
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    so tell me, are u here to justify ur oppinion ?, or u just a no life person who want to debate a topic whom mostly ppl here are struggling for ?
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    Aaaand here’s your answer! Masturbation should not be a reward for anything you do. That’s a fucked up way to relate to motivate yourself.
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  8. I'll just say two things:

    First, in life you shouldn't do things because "they are not so bad" because through human reasoning you will always find an excuse to make a bad thing look as a good one; first you say that M isn't that bad, and then step by step you end up making arguments for P use getting the "evil" out from it. Instead do things because they are the best you can do and they are the best way to use your energy; you don't M because it's inherently bad, but because it's not the best you can do and for sure you can spend your time in a better way instead. St. Paul says in The Bible something pretty good: "All things are lawful for me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not."; take it that way.

    Also, I will say that if you want to "reward yourself" do it with a women instead, not with your hand. The hand way is a lame way, a woman tastes way better. Real men get a woman to satisfy their needs, lame men use their hand because they can't get better.
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    Also without mastubation you get more confidence
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  10. It's the P which leads to excessive M, which leads to too much O.
    O is what hurts the brain, if used outside of reproduction. Simple as that.

    The bargaining around (M)O is like the discussion if consuming alcohol at home is better than going to the bar first.
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    Hi Guys,

    I'm trying to find the right words to use... so.. if you disagree i would love to reply to you.

    I think Masturbation is wrong !!! when a person finds a reason why YES it is an excuse and deep inside he knows it.

    I'm more than three months PMO free and I feel great !!! and I'll feel a lot more better in the near future and i mean in the next seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years and for the rest of my life !!!

    Try it !!! it is not easy but for each obstacle that you overcome you are becoming stronger while you know you have a lot more obstacles on the way and it won't stop.

    don't fap go out enjoy life find a sexual partner learn how to control your urges develop your personality confidence whatever just don't waste your physical and mental energy. stack it in a pile and use it.

    nofap is not a magical solution it is only the start of a better life, during a proper reboot you learn a lot, 90 days are only a step in an amazing process.

    you have here a lot of positive influence here but unfortunately also negetive ones, to my opinion any person that says that fapping is in anyway not a bad thing, I think it is a negative influence. I understand that it is difficult to decide and take action when you have a lot of diffrent voices around you but look for the answer inside you all the time. even if you will decide that M is a good thing now because you inner voice might say later the opposite !

    read a lot about how to stop Masturbation in a proper way and I assure you your life will be amazing.

    Good Luck !
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  12. nah
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    This is like saying I'll reward myself with some achool or cigrette or a bigmac from toxic mcdonald
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    Don't take it personal, but who are you to claim it doesn't boost confidence? Someone with a 9 day counter? Get to 500+ then you can say that
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    Man does not navigate from error to truth, man navigates from lower truth to higher truth.
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    Some take a religious view against it, some believe that semen retention gives you amazing powers, some believe that it is not what we should be doing, some believe it makes you feel bad, some believe practising restraint makes you stronger, etc., etc. I don't believe any of those things, and as @S-Class Rank 7 "King" points out:
    But @Zillion, that's not really what you are asking, right? I get the impression that the thread title isn't quite the thread question.

    I do not agree with any of these.

    This might be a good thing if you and your partner have mismatched sexual drives.

    There is no "us guys". Each of us has our own reasons for doing this. I stopped masturbating because I need to stop using porn, and masturbation kept leading me back to porn.

    This is what makes me think that the thread title is a misnomer. Are you interested in why people here think masturbation is wrong, or in explaining to them why it is OK?

    I do not agree with you. Deciding between right and wrong is an important part of being human. Own it.

    I do not understand this question, sorry.

    This is interesting. I am trying to quit sexual fantasy, and so if I did go back to masturbation (and I have no plans to do that at present, I am 954 days without) it would need to be as @Magic Mikee describes, though like he says it sounds difficult (or impossible!)

    It might, if we are doing it for pleasure then, even using the technique @Magic Mikee describes, why not make it last for ages, just as we would an expensive meal?

    It is hard to talk about masturbation here, people (myself included) get entrenched in their position very quickly. I think it is a shame that the site is called NoFap because it attracts people with extreme ideas about masturbation.

    Here's a quote from the NoFap 'About' page:
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  17. yes I get sexually impulsive while on nofap, but what does it have to do with confidence? I am in easy mode so I dont count sex as relapse
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    what is easy hardly brings results, fully dominating the animal desire that's what brings unshakable confidence
  19. So just like sex, it is a human need to eat. If I fast for a week, will I gain confidence because I am not meeting my need? Sounds like BS. What you are trying to say is self-discipline. Self discipline is beneficial and can improve confidence only if your goal is important and beneficial. Not meeting a human need is not beneficial, sex or masturbating in this case.
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    You have the limiting belief that sex is a need when is not, you are not going to starve from sexual abstinence, have you ever heard of someone that died from sexual abstinence?
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