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  1. Powerous

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    Does anyone else experience withdrawals especially during hard mode streaks?...

    I get intense depression, insomina, anxiety, social anxiety, emptiness, no motivation, feeling like a brain dead zombie.

    It sucks as hell, which is the reason why I have relapsed in the past.
    I still haven't made it past 50 days for years now. Now I can't even go 1 week.

    Maybe it is the fear of withdrawals, it's pretty bad for me, since I have been a heavy PMO addict for 10 years straight.

    What's some tips to help during withdrawal and flatline periods?
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  2. Paper

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    If you are scared of it so much, you will continue to relapse, try to accept it, it is like a hell for sure, two weeks ago I had headaches , I felt depressive af , but last week it finally got better, I feel so satisfied, that I didn't broke and I was holding to my nuts (not literally ofc :D ) just to not relapse,and right now I enjoy being a bit more positive and happy person, ofc, this is only the beginning, but what awaits us in the future, it is worth it, universe has prepared something good for us, but we have to fight for it! :)
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  3. SirErnest

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    Apparently it is not easy, but then again nothing that is worth doing is.
    Unleash your inner 'man's man' and stick at it! And tell yourself that you can do this!
    Well done for starting.
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  4. _Owais_

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    Withdrawl period,some call is detox period is terrible because your body is trying to re arrange hormones which were effected from years of Masturbation so there is no sudden cure but you have to stay patient...I have myself suffered alot but it doesnt mean you should surrender before your withdrawls...Try to face them..It might take you 3_4 months to feel benifits so dont give excuses to yourself by saying I cant handle the withdrawls..Try to face them..Remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel;)
    And bro you should keep this kind of topic in off topic section:D
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  5. Tin Foil Hat

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    Unfortunately you will just have to push through the withdrawal period. Things that have helped me in the past were writing down my reasons for wanting to quit and looking at them when it gets tough, get yourself out of the house, cold showers, exercise, meditation and supplementation. They won't last forever and the benefits once you get past them will far outweigh anything else.
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  6. Powerous

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    Very good point :O
  7. Powerous

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    Thank you for the encouragement
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  8. Powerous

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    Amazing, thank you
  9. Powerous

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    Thank you for the positivity bro
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  10. BeanBurrito

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    Just search "withdrawal" on the forum and you'll see that you're far from alone.

    Shit is probably going to be rough for a while but you'll get through it and you'll be stronger on the other side because of it.
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  11. Powerous

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    Thank You

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