2 weeks and My life is changing. I want to thank you all

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    I was in a dark place boys. Still kinda am. Found myself jerking it to tranny porn. Don’t even know how I got there...but I caught it early thank GOD! Only did it once but erasing it has been painful.
    I had a gf a few months ago too. My addiction to perverse porn was so bad I would stick a floppy in her only to have it go completely soft. Few worse feelings than that. Happened a few times with other hot women since and That’s when I realized I had to cut of porn and found this well of information. So grateful.
    Anyway I haven’t jerked it in two weeks, and when I was i could only get a half Chub. Now I’ve been not touching my wiener, taking cold showers(try it) and best of all, thinking about women normally. Getting hard to thoughts. Getting my morning woods back here and there hard af sometimes too. I’m definitely not cured sometimes I still see that swinging weiner from the tranny vid invade my thoughts lol. But what I can say is that I’m on my way back home boys, and I couldn’t have done it with out this site.
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    Congrats and All the best ! May you abstain yourself from Porn, and get back to being who you were ! Good Luck on your relationship as well !

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