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30 Days. The Beginning and The Benefits.

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Finder77, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. Finder77

    Finder77 Fapstronaut

    30 days. After 6 years of constant failure I've finally made it a while 30 days without consuming any form of P. My goal is to totally eradicate P from my life and this is only the beginning. Below, I guess I will just highlight how I did it and the benefits so far.

    How I did it!
    - First and foremost!! Make a list of all the benefits you think you'll get. Really thing about it, make sure the list is at least 10-15 things long and try and go through it every day for at least the first two weeks

    -Push ups. Push ups. Push ups. I can't stress how important these are. Any time I had a slight urge or thought, I got down and did 20 straight. It got to the point where I was doing it out of reflex. Don't worry after day 7-10 these urges kinda stop and you'll find yourself doing it less. Although I started doing them habitually and even got so good at them I've been doing variations of pushups now just for fun.

    -Do not even look at thirst traps for a second. A major failing point we all experience is starting off with thirst traps on social media and then going on a binge. I unfollowed so many accounts, turned on blockers and NSFW terms. If I came across a thirst trap, I scrolled past within a millisecond. P is not your friend!!

    -Cold showers. Yes boys they really do work, every morning or/and every night. It's uncomfortable at first but as men that's why we should do it, it's constantly making you leave that comfort zone and endure pain for delayed pleasure. I got so used to it now that I feel uncomfortable if I don't do it.

    -Meditation! Every 2-3 nights or so before bed, I allow some time for meditation, although I'm not spiritual or religious, I find that taking 5-10 mins for a period of reflection and introspection really helps calm the mind. In this time, try to think about why you're doing Nofap and the benefits you'll achieve if you stick to the goal.

    -Focused mind. Close to 0 brain fog. At work, studying or just gaming my mind is so much sharper. That feeling of brain fog is close to 0 at this point.

    -Dopamine receptors favouring natural pleasures like exercise and food.

    -my dopamine is better regulated now, I no longer over eat or crave easy dopamine fixes because my baseline dopamine levels have been stabilised.

    -easier to talk to people, at work I am the youngest in the global IT team but it's so much easier to talk in meetings now and I am not scared to ask questions.

    -less intrusive thoughts, with P, it's like your mind is always thinking about sex. Now I rarely think of it, I have so much more to have fun with.

    -feel better physically, I play football (soccer) with friends and I find it so much easier to exert myself in game, I feel lighter but stronger and faster at the same time.

    -food tastes better, laughter feels better, studying feels easier, hard work feels better. Life just feels better. It's achievable boys, get at it now!! onwards to 90 days !
  2. SirErnest

    SirErnest Fapstronaut
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    Good news man. Thanks.
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    ALPHAandOMEGA Fapstronaut


    Congrats on 30 Days! Hope you will update us when you hit 60!
  4. kingpin2511

    kingpin2511 Fapstronaut

  5. justinjohn

    justinjohn Fapstronaut

    sure it will be have huge positive effect
  6. officer123

    officer123 Fapstronaut

    Great! Keep up with it!
  7. Thisrt traps good one bro. Congrats!

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