Do Young NoFappers recover faster?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Iwantfreedom820, May 14, 2020.

  1. Iwantfreedom820

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    Hello Guys!

    I was just wondering, do younger Porn Addicts heal faster? Physically (Dick etc.) and Mentally In Terms of Pied, getting Morning Wood back again faster, getting rid of Porn-Induced-Fetishes, getting a Grip back on Life etc.
    Like lets say Guys in their teenage Years or like mid 20s. Just a random thought of mine, since they have lots of Hormons and their Body can regenerate faster i guess because of the Young Age?
    (Ofc i relate on an actual Reboot, with medidating, sports and doing all other kinds of Stuff to have a good NoFap Journey - Not just waiting for some Wonder to happen)

    Stay Strong!
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    That may be the case, but one problem for those who are younger (including myself) is that we were often exposed to porn - specifically high-speed internet porn- while our brains were still developing and thus malleable. I think that this makes it much more difficult to kick the addiction, because the addiction was wired into our brains with relative ease and has become almost a part of us. Not sure if the reboot itself would be any faster (probably not), but from what I've read and speaking from my personal experiences, being able to quit may be much harder (not that it's easy for those who are older).
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  3. Gorgewalker

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    If you started using porn before your twenties, it will take approximately 2-5x longer for you to heal than older guys.
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  4. Iwantfreedom820

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    Well that sucks...
  5. This answers your question

    Jump to 10:11 if you want quick answer. But i highly recommend you to study these science from head to bottom and do it every day. Because when you are learning the negative side effects of PMO. You are sorta re-wiring your brain to know that "oh porn is a bad thing now". Yes, brain is a dummy that doesn't care when you are giving up porn. It will simply feed you whatever it's wired.

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