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    I was agonising about this the other day. As i think this is my reason for relapsing a week ago. There is so much pressure to have a girlfriend, be in a relationship, and lose your virginity asap. Im 23yr old, and still a virgin. And i very much detest the idea of a girlfriend, theres nothing wrong with it either. As my mates have been good examples of bad relationships. I think at such a young age, a relationship in your 20's is a bit of a waste of time, as your still growing as a person and still changing. And ignorant and immature in your 20's, and that why i think my mates keep having relationships that last 2-3 months. Besides there is so much freedom to do whatever you want. Anyway... Being single,lonely and a virgin still gets to me some times, and then i desperately want a girlfriend, and then i head down the path of 'accidentally' looking at pictures of girls, which is to be avoided. But as everyone says on these posts, virginity is special, don't just throw it away like trash, F*** what the rest think about trying to lose it asap Or just casual meaningless sex.

    Ive kind of forgotten my point, and ranted on a bit because this has been sitting on my chest for a while.

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  2. Hey :) I'm a girl and I kissed for the first time and lost my virginity at 21. I was very shy and got bullied all my school years. School was hell for me

    I think too. It's highly unlikely you will find a girl around your age still virgin but i don't think it does really matter if she is virgin or not. You can still be happy with a girl and she likes you too there is nothing to worry about

    Get out of your comfort zone and talk more with people especially girls and you will see more confident :)
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    LOL, these days the majority of western world 17 year old males are likely virgins...
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    If it comes up and you tell a girl your a virgin with confidence and why, like you never found the right person or something, they won't think much of it. But if your really embarrassed by it they're gonna feel awkward. It's really not a big deal.
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    I think you're right, it really isn't. People like to think it is, but I think most of those people don't have much going for them and use that as a way to boost themselves up.
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    Relax, it will happen when you're ready to make it happen or let it happen.

    I was 25.

    I was also really glad my first time wasn't with a virgin- thank goodness she knew what she was doing because I sure as hell didn't!
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    First don't feel like you're falling behind. The only person who really cares if you are a virgin is you so you need to face that, realize it doesnt make you who you are, and try to find the confidence inside to be yourself...fake it til you make it (like everyone else is doing)...From love to career to general happiness, a lot of people who may seem older and wiser and better off are also faking it much of the time. I think most of us are just clueless idiots so just accept it and move forward. Losing the V card can seem like this insurmountable goal at times then once it happens you wanna slap yourself in the face because it was no big deal.

    Also most girls and guys even in their late twenties have no idea what they are doing in bed, it took me until 29 and a 3 year dryspell to get back in the game and realize i had no idea what I was doing for years in my early twenties.

    Again try to find the confidence in yourself and fake it until you trick you mind into it. All the outside pressure is just amplified in your head, no one really cares but you...so give yourself a break, youll figure it out.
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    Every one is special.

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