[HELP] Can someone please help me on this? It’s a really big issue for me.

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    This may come off as odd. But I’m currently on day 1 after a series of relapsed yesterday, and something has been bothering me for the past month or two now.

    Maybe it’s anxiety because my recent streaks weren’t the longest ever since then, but I have this obsession. I’m so afraid to relapse all of the time that it’s gotten to me and (I know it’s not a relapse, but to me I think of the possible what if’s about it if you know what I mean)

    Even though I don’t watch porn, masturbate, orgasm and try my best to avoid fantasy, I’m obsessed with things touching my penis.

    Im afraid it will “ruin” my streak.

    It’s not as overdramatized as it may seem on this post.

    Everytime I walk, I have to make sure I have my legs alittle further apart then I used to (when I was on my big streaks I never worried about this).

    When I sleep I can’t sleep well because I’m making sure that my legs don’t squish my dick and cause pleasure (sounds fucked up, but it’s a serious issue I would like to end.)

    Yes, I know that “if I didn’t worry about it before, then why am I now?”

    Because in my head I think if I just try to ignore it and it causes pleasure, then it was intentional because I chose to sleep normal and who really knows if my brain could’ve gotten stimulation from it, yes, normal sleeping and walking.

    It’s really effecting my life, so if anyone can help me with advice to get over this, that would be awesome.

    Please let me know. Thanks.
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    My personal view is that indulging is what is harmful. For example, I cannot say that I will completely stop sexual fantasy because the images arise spontaneously from my unconscious. The point for me is that I realise what's going on and choose to stop rather than choosing to continue. Try to ignore the anxious thoughts that arise in those situations. You apparently can see that they are irrational, so why take any notice?
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    Yes, thanks for the reply. Let me build off to what I mean exactly.

    you said it can’t be said that fantasies will not come, but it’s up to the person to stop these fantasies while they are happening or to not indulge.

    yes absolutely

    The reason I have been so anxious about my issue is because everytime I try to walk normal or sleep in a normal position I feel pressure on my d***.

    I wish I could stop noticing the sensation, but I simply can’t live a normal life without having to walk or sleep comfortably.

    I guess my question is, even though I feel the pressure on my thing while trying to go about life comfortably, will that reset benefits? Or even should I just ignore it? and will ignoring it result in any bad side effects?
  4. You seem to already know how ridiculous that line of thinking is but want reassurance, right? You don't lose or gain anything by having things rub up against you or arouse you. You don't lose anything by becoming naturally aroused in your natural environment. That is part of being a human, stimulation in that area can arouse anyone who has gone through puberty for no reason at all other than the sensation of something there.
    NoFAP is about stoping porn, masturbation, and fantasizing in many cases. If you are not actively grinding on things playing fantasies in your mind then you are quite all right friend. Try not to burden your mind so much with small things, stopping porn is hard enough. :)
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    I think this has helped me and gave me the advice I needed. Thanks for the reply!
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