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  1. I miss when I was up in 70+ days, I was the best version of myself... Now I'm back on ground. I feel like I hate myself.... Like I've ruined everything around me. My separation anxiety is over the roof as I continue to overthink everything. I don't know what to do. I feel like my communication skills have deteriorated. I feel like a wounded soldier with little to no hope left. I'm not even attracted to porn anymore, I hate it because It's destroyed all of my previous relationships and I now feel it's destroying my current one. I was so enthusiastic just a couple of months ago and now I feel like shit. I'm holding on to the little motivation I have left and using meditation to calm my separation anxiety while using music to calm me in times of darkness. My relationship with God has also deteriorated and I just feel alone and lost. Help me.... Give me words of encouragement because this drug has managed to drive me right into the ground once again.

    (Please don't move this thread to relationship forums, I never get the help I need there. Thanks)
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    Just hold on man. Relapses are part of recovery process, no need to overstress or feel bad about it. I relapsed countless times. Read this article, pick yourself up and continue with recovery journey. NoFap is all about journey not perfection. We're all only humans, perfectly imperfect. As long as you try to do your best in a given moment, you're on the right track. Btw 70+ days is a great achievement, you should be proud.

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    Remember that motivation is just a feeling. It passes. Disiplince is way stronger, hard to bulid, easy to live with.

    What I did is to always keep my doors open and never fap. Think about your goals and never touch your areas. Save it for someone special.

    And you must remember how crappy you feel when you relapse.

    PS: I just made a post about how I am archiving it HERE, if you are intrested in my ways.
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    Dude let me start with this- 70 days is impressive. I’ve been in recovery for a few years and my longest streak has been 60 days. Here’s the most important thing- Don’t ever quit trying to quit. I know it’s demoralizing when you start feeling so much better and you slip back into the old behavior pattern and start feeling like shit again. Believe me I’ve been there more times than I can count. But you just have to get back on the horse and quit again. I always find this video helpful when I think I can never really quit.
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  5. Thanks Brother. Very true, if I've made it past 70 days before I know for a fact I can accomplish it again! I'm gonna get off the ground and strive to perfect myself.
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  6. Thanks Driew, I guess I've been struggling with lack of disciple by giving in too easily to the urges of porn and by never giving myself the care and worth I deserve. I need more disciple to keep reminding myself what I want for the future!
  7. Thanks for the support. I felt like I was at the top of the world when I was 70 days in. But I've recently come to the realization that even though I've hit rock bottom this is a great opportunity to create a new beautiful beginning.
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