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I want my life back, I’m broken

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by ForwardNBeyond, Feb 4, 2023.

  1. ForwardNBeyond

    ForwardNBeyond Fapstronaut

    I’m not new to NoFap or the forums, I decided to make a new account because I had fears that people I knew were able to access and read my posts that I was making. I have no real idea if this is true or not, and find myself in a bigger problem than the first time I joined NoFap.

    I have found myself questioning reality, as I have had several “episodes” were I believed that certain and specific people were “out to get me”. It seemed like every time I posted something, I got together with said people, and I became the product of insinuations and innuendo.

    I tried explaining this to a few people who know my problem, and they said to seek help because I was delusional. I was frantically trying to conclude that my phone got hacked, and it made me distrust almost everyone I know currently. However I found out that my instincts were right, but in a lesser way. This is the second time that someone who is not me, and someone that I had previously “trusted”, has accessed my personal phone.

    The biggest thing right now I guess, is that I am trying to figure everything out right now, and I have even found myself questioning myself and my sanity. It feels like I lost touch with reality, but at the same time, the instincts and feelings that led me to that breaking point, turned out to be correct and provable. [Felt insane -> no evidence, now I feel sane because there is evidence that my phone was used without my permission]. I also understand that there are people in the world who WANT to make a good person seem unstable or nuts, and they are called narcissists, psychopaths, etc. Somehow, I find myself attracting these types of people, and become pushed around by them in various ways. I need help but I don’t even know where to start again!!
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  2. As long as these people don't have access to ur heart, it's ok brother.
    Stay away from negative people, narcissist or psychopaths as u said take a deep breath and continue living ur life calmly.
    stay focused on the battle against PMO, that's more important i swear.
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  3. tawwab1

    tawwab1 Fapstronaut

    First thing you should do is sort out reality from paranoia.

    Mix in some lies with truths in your NoFap posts and see if those lies make their way back to you. If they do, you'll know who's snooping on you.
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  4. ForwardNBeyond

    ForwardNBeyond Fapstronaut

    I already “found out” who’s snooping me, and now I don’t have any friends or a good support network. I removed myself from a bunch of social media and I also removed myself from either obvious or seemingly obvious toxic relationships. So right now, I guess you could say I’m at a clean slate. I don’t have anyone but my loved ones and, and I’m okay with that. My thing is a clean slate. I got rid of toxicity as far as people go. I don’t have a problem with people snooping or exposing me, I have a problem with people who knock down the blocks when I try to build if that makes sense.
  5. ANewFocus

    ANewFocus Fapstronaut

    Are you seeing a therapist?
  6. ForwardNBeyond

    ForwardNBeyond Fapstronaut

    And yeah, I definitely must find out what is real and what is not, but at the same time it’s super hard to get help when it’s hard to trust. And the thing is, I am able to rationalize after episodes, and that provides me with clarity, but it’s the fact that it even gets skewed in the first place that bothers me.
  7. ForwardNBeyond

    ForwardNBeyond Fapstronaut

    I am in the midst of getting clinical help, I had an initial appointment, but the system for mental health is very discouraging. I’ve already had scheduling mishaps and misunderstandings with the current provider. Hopefully it continues to work out, and I also am giving it my all, because what do I have to lose? I’ve done more self work, I deeply feel and know, by talking to family that went through therapy themselves.
  8. bdaw213

    bdaw213 Fapstronaut

    There's a book called How to quit porn by celibate yogi, its 55 pages long and the author promises you that if you read it you will quit porn, there's still a thought pattern in your mind that supports the idea of turning on some porn that's why you struggle to quit even when you consciously make the decision to quit. The book I read will tell the reasons why your mind feels so reliant to watch porn, I've read it myself and you can read my story about how I quit porn since june 2022 on my profile. The book called How to quit porn by celibate yogi was on Zlibrary where you can download free books, but I have downloaded it before Zlibrary was taken down, if you're interested about this book it takes an hour to read, and I promise it will literally change the way you see,think about porn and will help you not just "control" your urges with willpower, distractions, inspirational videos but understand it and know that the urges you feel are just lies, lies to make you relapse and feel terrible with anxiety, low motivation, etc.. just dm me and I can send it to you privately, i dont know if I can send it here i dont want to break any rules but if someone can tell me please let me know

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