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    Hey all!

    my english is not really great but i would to share some life improvements that worked out for me. So before i got into NoFap i was lazy guy with Social anxiety,Depression,being bullied (2years),No control on my ADHD and skinny.

    So ofcourse not all problems got fixed just after NoFap! I was getting Therapy for my ADHD and i searched long time for a goal in life to achieve something having a reason to live this was at the age of 19.

    Now 21 and i started NoFap (I was doing 7 days NoFap with 1 day break)
    Habits i learned in this period:

    - Start watching motivational vid's:

    Why i started watching motivational video's? I couldn't find a reason to start doing something and these video's helped to start doing something.

    (examples i watched):




    - Find your Study,GOAL:
    So after watching all these motivational video's i started wondering what do i want to become? If i'm gonna start working after school and that's gonna be a lot time of my life what kind of work do i enjoy? what school suits me for that work??

    -Workout (GYM):
    For me i started working out because i was i didn't feel safe being skinny i just couldn't feel confident with the way i looked. But besides that working out helped me out to focus for school and homework made my daily life more excited!

    After doing this NOFAP with a break once a 7 days i still couldn't control myself and failed and fapped 4 times in 7 days. I did less workout and i started to less focus on my goal.I started to get lazy aigan. Realize failing is part of being human but dont surrender! Accept your failure and go on reprogram your brain to be stronger to not make the same mistake aigan!

    I started my 7 days NOFAP aigan after 3 months! This time more serious more driven! I started going to the gym instead of working out home 3 days a week. I started doing more homework and find more stuff that relates to my future job.

    Where am i now ?:

    Now i gonna start a NOFAP 90 days! (Wish me luck this on of the difficult things i need to overcome). Why i do 90 days NOFAP? because i wanna reprogram my brain on PMO.

    Things i started doing to improve my life more (BTW at day 10 NOFAP):

    -Reading books
    I read books now from Jocko Willink i like to read books that might have a good impact on my life. Reading books also makes me slowly little smarter the more i read the more i feel smarted little by little.

    -GYM Schedule:
    I now have a schedule where i train it is my whole body legs upper body and mid body. I wanna achieve a certain body type this motivation to achieve something makes my life more excited and interesting.

    -More attention:
    I started to give peope and things more attention with more focus. Giving more attention helps me learn things and see things that i or other people do wrong so i could learn from it. To put it simple i am trying to be more aware of things what i couldn't be when i was lazy.

    Cleaning my room:
    This one might sound stupid to some people but it works! Imagine you wanna start something without it going to be messy? For me cleaning my room is part of doing stuff without being messy.

    Be more social!:
    So this one for me is really imported! Because being more social helps me be more human. Being more comfortable talking to strangers and girls. Besides that you don't want to be seen as some kind of robot right?
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