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Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by MONSTER MONK, Mar 3, 2019.

  1. Tywin Lannister

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    Day 24

    Still keeping up with the early rising and the urges have been decreasing somewhat.
    Also still experience a lot of confusion and ups and downs.
    Fatigue, fear, derealization, confusion, hyper-vigilance, irritability.. Switching between happy/hopeful/motivated and depressed/fearful/pointlessness/hopelessness. Switching between "glass half full" / "glass half empty" multiple times a day.

    As I've been researching endorphins/exorphins and the opioid-system, I will try to gradually implement a low-exorphin, low sugar lifestyle.

    Keep fighting this battle :emoji_muscle:

    We can not go wrong doing the right things, guys :)
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  2. HugoBoss

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    Day 26!
    life is beautiful
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  3. TheLongTrudgeHome

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    @MASTER MONK I'm in. Currently a Slave but that will soon change!
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  4. ssha6451

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    Day 24 checking in
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  5. alfianlight

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  6. Saiyan123

    Saiyan123 Fapstronaut

    Check in, feeling good. Back home so will be more active when I can.
  7. Kevin Saputra

    Kevin Saputra Fapstronaut

    Day 14 : Check!

    I can't wait for my promotion tomorrow. Wish me luck, guys!
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  8. Kevin Saputra

    Kevin Saputra Fapstronaut

    Ah... Uh... Last week, I guess? :emoji_sweat_smile::emoji_sweat_smile:
  9. brilliantidiot

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  10. Captain Anurag

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  11. JustForTodayz

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  12. Warrior Within

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    My Journal
  13. need4realchg

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    I'm definitely in. Actually I had thought the site would do this kind of ranking automatically :)
    Attaboy whoever figured this out.
  14. Well this does explain the staring but since this is a professional military environment it is inappropriate! 2nd Lieutenant @Kevin Saputra show me your 80 push-ups now and be a role model for your subordinates!
  15. Today I finished Day 10.
    Keep going everyone, you are doing great!
  16. EcoMunchies

    EcoMunchies Fapstronaut

    Quick check in. 55 days, another minor milestone
    While on holiday and having a bit more time, it's been noticeable how easy it could be to slip back into old habits, especially with the ease to find P. But, despite being on the edge a falling back in, I've resisted, kept the Captain's role in mind, and kept the mantra of "I don't do P"
    Still going strong!
  17. I'm proud of you Captain! Yeah - P is not an option. Our time and energy and our yin and yang are too worthy and sacred to waste them on P. Let's stay mindful and strong!
  18. Everything looks of temptation has finally gone for now & with this Just another day...another progress added to this 36
  19. Shakermaker

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