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    Lol no! He’s still here. He was kinda depressed, so took 2 days off.
    Came back today with an apology for the drama. Lol. He’s a cool Boii!
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  2. Yeah I know. And I had a feeling that he was gonna be back.
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    Sad, eh. We're few here that think like her.
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    Very much. And, ditto that about the off-topic area!
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    I remember when I first joined here, there was a solid group of female members active in the forums which made for some interesting debates. I really enjoyed having a female perspective around here, but unfortunately many of them are driven away by some of the less considerate male members.
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    Hopefully that wasn't an accusation. One important consideration is to be careful of are those wives who need support, and to not interfere with their journey and to encourage their efforts as being worthwhile.

    In terms of politics and opinions, Cas hardly was one who demanded special attention on perspective as being more important just because of being female. Her views on feminism would actually seem quite against that, and her example was one of holding her own and being very responsive and tolerant. And, that non-identity-politics theme in her contributions earned my respect as well as that of many others here.
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    Things change I guess. People come to a crossroads and have to make a choice. I personally wish people would not delete their accounts, but I understand why they would do so, especially those who have been less anonymous than others.

    Overall I feel a sense of loss when those who I like to call old souls leave. I have some good memories of some of the people mentioned here that I'll not soon forget. I wish them all well.
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  8. Dude the site is barely 7 years old don't be sentimental.
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  9. En?gma

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  10. She seemed to be doing okay after coming back from a break, but it was right after this thread she said that she was leaving.

    It might not be my place to say, but maybe she was tired of being misunderstood? To me she seemed sensitive and was always quite blunt about her feelings. So maybe when people constantly put words in her mouth, said daft things, or tried to twist her into a bad person, she took those personally and had enough.

    There were opinions I certainly didn't agree on with her, but i didn't see her as some kind of monster or instigator. Nonetheless it is said to see another longtime member go, especially because of the people here...
  11. AtomicTango

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    That thread seemed the latest in a fairly long line of threads where she said something pretty innocuous and had people misunderstand the point she was making, even if the point was obvious. I dont think (personally) that anyone in that thread was being malicious to her, and I (again personally) always try to give people some benefit of the doubt when talking via text because its easy to misunderstand accidentally, but at the same time some were trying to argue with her about things she objectively did not say. I can imagine how damn annoying that must be, especially when this isnt the first time it happens, or even the second or third.
  12. Many of them return, often under a different name. Speaking from personal experience ;)
    It's just good to detach sometimes. Recovery is more important than connections.
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  13. There are people (I can't take names) who go out of their way to harass other individuals. I have been reporting them for a while now (sadly nothing happens).

    I have seen people telling others to commit to self-harm for being dumb, or being sinful. (And they did it on multiple posts.) And these accounts exist and continue this behaviour to this day.

    Whereas I have a handful of suspensions from simply calling people malicious-trolls and calling them good-for-nothing.

    Frankly, what happened to Beamer (and it's the same thing happening to rational individuals in real world as well), wherein a small number of foul-mouthed individuals cry the victim and play the bully (curiously they do both these at the same time) and manage to get honest, kind and loving people to quit or apologize and stay away... has killed whatever love and faith I had in this place. I pity the new users for they are going to find themselves in an increasingly toxic environment where people serving the red pill or pink pill would openly abuse and harass them, and then the victim and write ten thread thesis about how people who think rationally and don't hold extreme views are stomping on their freedom of expression and even their right to existence.

    It's pathetic. (For what it is, and for why I care about it, both these things are pathetic indeed.)
  14. Bingo! My thoughts exactly! I agree with everything you typed.

    This is my third time around since first coming in January 2018. This place has changed quite a bit.
  15. Psalm27:1my light

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    I think you must expect a certain level of dysfunction and toxicity when on a forum for addicts. You need to understand too, that you cannot take anything personally, even personal attacks. Is it hard? Lol, yeah. I draw the line at private messages that attack or are inappropriate and then “ ignore” and/or report. However, I could see how difficult and stressful it would be to be misunderstood and what I’m writing be skewed. Sometimes though, you have to agree to disagree and drop it too.
  16. I will say, speaking about Castielle (formally CassTeaElle), I do miss her input. Not only did she used to comment a lot back then, but her protective attitude will be always be missed, and not forgotten.

    She was quick to defend men, stick up for women being sexually degraded or insulted, and didn't take no shite from anyone, including me self. Here's some of the threads that I was able to dig up if anybody is interested, since her account was deleted you can't search her profile anymore.

    This thread I remember most, she was belittled and made out to be this toxic, desperate victim seeking wanker. She certainly had colourful words and could get into fights quickly, but that's if you pissed her off and said something daft. There was always a reason as to why she was angry or upset.

    It's honestly no surprise she left, after all she was consistently made out to be this annoying bitch of a woman, and was insulted by quite a few people here. When you're not afraid to call people out for being rubbish, and have a blunt demeanour, you unfortunately end up looking like an arsehole and not only get criticised, but also misunderstood as well.

    I knew better though, she was kind and caring, and if she had something to say there was no sugar coating it. Losing her was a big loss in all aspects of this community, and I know I'm selfish in saying so but it'd be nice if she came back one day.
  17. I think a lot of why she left also has to do with the fact this place really wasn't all that useful to her. She would often suggest that she was past the concept of the counter (she hardly kept check on it) and over 80% of her posts were in the Off Topic Section.

    Obviously, I cannot speak for her, but judging by her posts, she had an otherwise happy life and I think she just realized that it was time to stop trying to set narrow-minded idiots right and focus her energy on her own life. Nofap wasn't exactly a self-improvement forum for her anymore.

    I'm glad she left tbh. This place doesn't deserve people like her anymore. It's gone straight to shit in a lot of aspects and many of the older members are gone, inactive or back anonymously.
  18. onceaking

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    She was. At times she would do my head in but other times me were in complete agreement. At times I didn't handle our disagreements well :emoji_grimacing:

    She was. I remember one time I time I said in a thread I wasn't doing so well, and she sent me a message asking me if I was ok and if I wanted to talk about what I was going through. She's the only person on this forum who's ever done that. It's easy to show pity in a thread but it takes more dedication to compose and send a message asking someone if they're okay. I will admit sometimes I thought she could be a blunt and harsh but deep down she was a good person. Sad she's left :emoji_cry:
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    How'd he die? That's shit man. RIP
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