What does a woman truely want from a man?

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by duha, Feb 27, 2018.

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    Well, I have heard in many places that the expectations of men from women are more straightforward than that of women from men. I am thinking on what I expect but I can not look into the hearts of others. And I think any relationship be as mundane as employer-employee or the warm friendship or the most delicate one between spouses, understanding each other's expectation is crucial, and particularly between spouses, it is kind of mandatory. I know that knowing a person takes time but it would be a good start to get a general idea about the expectation of women from men, you know things like, "I wish I knew that before..." or the "myths about..." stuffs. Anyone kind enough to shed light on the facts and myths in this delicate issue? A lot of thanks in advance.
  2. There is no answer, since every women is an individual.

    But hey, you could find out what they want by... you know. Talking to them.
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    Wasn't there a movie, 'what women want?'
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    Authenticity I don't know if thats what they want but that's what I will give them I'm realizing I'm not perfect and to stop beating myself up for it.Im trying to change my mindset and embrace the unknown and if I show up and just truly show who I am the right person will appreciate me flaws and all
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    All women are different, it's pointless trying to find one common theme. Some women don't even want men.
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    Dmx asked the same question
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    Women want love and security. Men want respect.
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  8. Well from what I have seen women don't know what they want. I have seen women for years and year in jobs school out in public .they say they want a nice man but never date anyone like that they stick with men who cheat, lie, steal even from them, and even beat them they all say they still love them but they have problems and are working on it . I will say any women who sticks with someone like that is a women you need to avoid . TO ME, WOMEN WANT YOU TO BE YOU NOT SOMEONE ELSE
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    The point is not everyone will like you and being okay with that.

    When you start compensating / performing / convincing / deceiving others to like you, that's when you attract people for someone who you aren't. That's when you attract the wrong people. That's when you live in fear of those people leaving you or disliking you. So you're always being manipulative and have your guard up. That's when you can't accept the fact that some people just aren't interested, but you try to force a specific outcome. Not fun at all.
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    It's on a case by case basis like all the others have said. Good communication, mutual trust/understanding, genuine romantic gestures, and some spontaneity seem pretty universal. A good friend recently told me that you can get really far just focusing on making a girl happy. Simple but powerful advice I plan on taking.
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    You can, but it has to come from a genuine place, if you are doing it just to get the girl she will know.
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  13. i am a woman so i can give you some insights. she wants to be loved and treated good. that's it. at least summed up that's what I want. obviosly getting along with the guy i date is important. i think when you feel when you don't have to put effort to make it work but it goes smoothly at least at the beginning, you found someone suitable for you especially with the personality and if this person makes you happy when you are with her, you hit the jackpot that's how it should be :)
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    Thank you for your insight, green lion eating the sun. As obvious as these things may seem to you, we ignore these things too often confusing facts with fictions and expectations.
    Now, "love" is in of itself a huge issue on its own and an immensely abstract idea (Please, I don't mean to offend but the idea as obvious as it seems is practically quite elusive, that is why the ancient Greeks had different words for different kinds of love). But I think the most neglected is the "treated good" part. Thank you again for reinforcing the obvious to my mind, a most needed act in a world of delusion.
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    My best advice:

    Find out what you want from your ideal partner, such as their values, personality and so on (kindness, compassionate, understanding, mature, emotionally available, good at communication, transparent, authentic, positive mindset, hard worker, family oriented, etc)

    Then you strive to meet all those criteria yourself!!!

    Become the partner you want to attract. It works like magic. But you have to work on yourself first.
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  16. The most common thing they want is resources and it's also what they need. It's always been that way, men provide for the women.
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    Dude, they are people, individuals. They all want different things. Some may expect love and care, some may expect amazing sex, some may expect having an interesting conversation with you, and some may not even care.
    You shouldnt try to simplify things like that. The only way to get to know a person is to talk to them, not make a internet poll about their sex.
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    Nah not anymore. Women are the providers now more often than not. So women are seeking the same things that men seek from women, and men are confused because they think “providing” is their role but the women are providing so then what? I am female and in no way looking for a provide. I’d love a man who was kind , honest, funny, enjoys sex, loves me for me. And I would provide. So don’t make that assumption, more and more it’s not true.
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