90 Days - Changes never imagined

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by thel00ker, Oct 26, 2017.

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    Bro i couldnt agree more with your post. I could relate to 90% of what you said here. Just give me more insight as to how to stop this addiction because right now for me, its very hard, i feel like i need to watch porn and relieve my need to release. Dont leave a brother hanging xD
  2. thel00ker

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    Hey man! there is always a ton of advice on nofap, keep looking!
    I wrote some of the most practical stuff here!

    I would mainly focus on making a picture of who you want to become and start working towards that! you should check each of your actions and see if that moves you closer to your objective. I'm sure watching porn is not something you want in your life.
    and most importantly try to connect with people you like and try to spend time with them. Sharing good experiences with passionate, healthy people will show you a good path to walk through.
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    Hey, man, there is no "magic pill" against PMO. You can read lots of stuff but the awareness is main key.
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    @thel00ker inspiring! Will definitely read it multiple times to keep myself going.
  5. thel00ker

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    Thanks man! I’m glad it helps
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    congratulations ... your journey is very inspiring I am on the beginning of mine and I hope to reach that one day ... stay strong and never fall back
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    Thank you for this testimony. I'm new here and I'm in the same spot you were 90 days ago. My mindset is that it's impossible to change. But I'm ignoring that right now. I want to keep ignoring it forever. I want to focus on stories like yours. I want to get my life together.

    It's only day two for me... I'm already feeling some stronger but in so many ways I've yet to truly take the plunge. I've yet to be truly tested. But your story gives me hope. I want to keep reading stories like this every day.
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    Movie material
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    you will man! stay focused!
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    Don't fall into that mindset man, It feels impossible but the change is actually closer than ever. Let go of technology for some time, reconnect with the real thing around you, call a friend, spend time with your family or spend time on public places. Just let go of computers for some time until you feel stronger about your commitment! good luck!
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  11. thel00ker

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    thanks man!
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    How old were you when you started masturbating? I’ve read your 60 day post and to be completely honest I’m in the same boat considering the fact I am also about to finish college and have felt literally everything you said in these last past two posts. I was wondering if you can look at my threads and help me. I’m continously stuck in this period of Nofap called the void. I personally think it’s the hardest one to acheive.
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    Never give up
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  15. falafu

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    great success stories, very inspiring and you write them in great detail and interesting. Thanks for sharing.
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    "Every real, intimate thing that happened in my life, happened through a computer. And this of course made me feel like shit. This didn't belonged with the person I wanted to be and I was very ashamed by it. So a new reboot started. "

    I 100% can relate to this, even as a kid on AOL IM. That's where the majority of intimate relationships took place.
  17. Just Rose

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    Awesome story! Congrats on this 90 days and furthermore, on enjoying life and doing so much for yourself. Keep going, all the best! :D
  18. MeoG

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    Very good writing and inspiring story. I'm only 23 days into reboot and already started feeling more happy and enjoying every day of my life. Giving up porn made time for me to look after other important issues: my health, my diet, my focus at work, my relationships with wife and family. I agree, feeling connection with life itself is better than any porn. I feel proud to be in this community!
  19. thel00ker

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    Thanks for the support!

    My pleasure! thanks!

    Keep pushing forward man! Having any relationship with someone real is much more gratifying and fulfilling than any screen. It's one of the best things I have experienced. It's also making grow up a lot and it simply feels amazing to have someone you like to share your everyday experiences.
    Wish you the best!

    Thanks man!
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    That's amazing man! Felt the same thing happen to me. As I gave more attention to these subjects Porn and it's importance in my life started fading. Turning itself more and more boring, something I never expected to happen. Feeling connected with my body and my sexuality is one of the most important changes.

    Congratulations man keep going, and keep fighting for all those things that you mentioned, they are the stuff that make up a real man, and every day without porn will make you feel closer to that objective.

    Wish you the best!
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