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  1. (Sorry, if my English is bad.)

    I relapsed today again. It was just too much pressure.

    One year ago, I learned about NoFap and started it. In this year, I had about 20 relapses and always felt bad about it (one time, I felt so bad, I wanted to kill myself).

    Before every relapse, I distracted myself so hard, but it never worked for a long time unfortunately.

    In this year, I learned a lot about me and my body. After every relapse, I thought, now I‘m going to make it. But I was always wrong.

    I think, I need another plan.

    For now, I just want to be porn free (including erotic pictures). And step by step, I‘m also going to no MO.

    I don‘t know, if it‘s a good idea, so I would be very happy, if you tell me your opinion.
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  2. For some they can take this in stages but it is quicker if you stay away from it all.
    One of the keys is not just distracting yourself but building new healthy habits that engage your mind. These new things take the place of what you have been doing.
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    Twenty relapses in a year is a little less that two per month, which is quite good going.
    I get most of my ideas from the Success Stories forum and simply experimenting, and I haven't got the answer yet. Hmm or maybe I do.
    Be patient and learn from the times that you fall.
  4. I think it´s a good plan.
    Going ahead in constant small steps works better than doing it all in one big leap. A setback then does´t feel like a failure but like a chance to grow.
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