Day 93+ on Hardmode

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    Hey guys, here my story about 93+ days of hardmode:

    First I have to say I'm German, so I will try to write this in English. I did PMO since I'm 14 years old and thought its completly normal. Most of my friends got a girlfriend or had sexual contact in school. I'm a virgin until now. I had difficulties to speak or interact with women, because I saw them as a sexuel object and not as a human, who wants normal humanly interaction. So it was very hard to talk and doing normal stuff like sport or dancing with girls. The last 2 years I began studying and lived alone in a completly foreign town. So the loneliness intensified my porn addiction and I fapped 2 hours a day. My life was on my deepest point. I got depression and sometimes suicidal thoughts. So I throw my study away and feeling very sad. Fortunatly my parents noticed there was something wrong with me. So we decided for searching help and I went weekly to a psychologist. She helped me a lot, but it was very hard to improve your life on my own. I moved to a shared flat for fighting my loneliness. The second thing was going in the gym and to a volleyball course. At next I got some work and a new studying. After the new points of my life I realized I'm PMO addicted and read about nofap. After many relapses I got the 90days. Today its day 93 on Hardmode, cold showering every day and it feels great. I got the right direction in my life and nofap helps me a lot. Without PMO I got more time and I can concentrate on the important things in my life. Furthermore it became easier for me talking and interacting with girls. I see them as a human being now. At next I have to improve my life continously. There are some difficulties of standing up early and mobile addiction. My goal is it standing up 6am every day and don't watch so often on my mobile daily. So if you have tips, suggestions or questions, feel free for replieing this post :)
  2. You have made good decision. Your interactions with people will become better. Day by day your abilities to socialise will be increasing. Exercising, reading books, learning english, play piano, guitar - it helps me a lot. Cold showers too ;). Good luck man
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  3. Each day your improving :)))

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