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Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by MONSTER MONK, Mar 3, 2019.

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  1. fg4795

    fg4795 Fapstronaut

    day 70 hell mode checking in:
    it was rest day for work
    still I woke up really early and went to the gym to train
    then I followed some lectures and studied too
    I decided that in my hell mode there'll be also a space for heaven
    so one of my tasks will be everyday to do a good action even the smallest but with kindness
  2. Check in -
    Last night I stayed awake a bit longer, really felt like finally organising duels thread and I did it. I finished all my uni work and today I woke up early so was really good. I went lectures, friday prayer then came home and prayed Asr prayer. After that I read Qur'an and I went to sleep for an hour accidentally.

    I had a really healthy lunch, seeded bread and egg sandwich. I've been having fruit aswell. I don't drink tea or coffee at all btw so just drinking water at the moment. I'm gonna try drink 2-3 litres a day inshaAllah.

    I lowered my gaze a lot today, I usually try do this anyway but I just made sure I did today.

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  3. Leader of ME

    Leader of ME Fapstronaut

    Salute ! Day 40 report is here . Read and workout . Travelled to my village . Enjoyed the all day rain . Decided will do some new arrangements on my routine . @Saiyan123 2 liters of water are a lot . Your water income should come from fruit and veggies . No more than 2 liters of water . Drinking a lot of water is marketing trick to sell and it is not healthy. Believe that . Much love .
  4. Leader of ME

    Leader of ME Fapstronaut

    Salute ! Day 41 report is here . Today is a rest from academy books . There is much to the day left , but I will spend it easy. Will do a workout, probably and watch Man City - Chelsea , Houston Rockets- Clippers . I am surrounded by some girls, who probably will cut. 7 months I am single and I just sometimes being more social, but the drama comes fast and it is not worth it. Never. Never ever . I came back from my village . Saw my pets there. They doing fine .

    Much love .
  5. fg4795

    fg4795 Fapstronaut

    day 71 hell mode checking in:
    an easy day in the plan so I tried to make it a hell
    woke up really early and attend an appointment I had
    after that I enrolled in a course to improve my career and job applications
    and feel like it is needed because I don't want to be the "average" job-seeker
    anyway all is good
    I'll hit the gym this afternoon and will have a reunion with all the family in the evening
  6. Thanks I thought I may aswell try it out for a week. It's hard to commit too anyway, I have been eating a lot more fruit since duelling you and already I feel a lot healthier. Mondays and Thursdays I'll try to fast, it is an action prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) used to do and there are many benefits to fasting for me anyway and in general.

    1. I slept quite late, I'll be honest in saying I prayed and I repented for my sins. The key is to learn from them and not do them again to the best of your ability. The word Taubah (roughly translted - repentance) can be appreciated from the prayer of returning from a journey آيِبُونَ تَائِبُونَ عَابِدُونَ لِرَبِّنَا حَامِدُونَ. 'We return, repent, worship and praise our Lord.' In true taubah, we are returning to Allah for his forgiveness, knowing he loves to forgive and he is the most forgiving. However this repentance is only accepted if we make the solid intention to not do the sin again, very logical, and cancels out the idea of fake repentance. (even if you do fail you made the solid intention to stop, and you keep making that intention with stronger actions against the sins and evil of yourself) I prayed for everyone on here too, I pray for my guidance also and for the protection from the evil of my nafs (lower base desires). Ameen. I woke up early and viewed an apartment to rent for next year though.

    2. I walked a lot today, I went to the markets and had some food. I didn't eat the most healthy but the walking was beneficial. Again lowering my gaze. I noticed a trend in my area though, it seems that a lot of women are starting to choose less clothes over practicality more and more. I asked my flatmate about it last year in a general way and she said you get used to the cold so that's why women do it. I'll keep my gaze lowered anyway.

    3. I went mosque and there was a group of brothers who have the objecting of giving advice to muslims. I really pray I am a good leader one day. Ameen. I think advice comes within first and then externally. To free yourselves from the evil of your ownself is necessary for being a good leader. May Allah help us all.
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  7. fg4795

    fg4795 Fapstronaut

    the hell mode day 72 checking in:
    it has been an easy day
    I had my match and gave all I got
    I scored again but still we lost again
    I hope that also my team will follow me
    I spent time with friends and family but this evening I will study something so that I will improve also today
  8. newtry

    newtry Fapstronaut

    D43 Hm.
    In these days I have been sick, with fever. I slept badly and I barely ate. However, still sick, early Friday I went to work. After that, I was studying and finishing my theology homework all day, even despite the fever.

    On Saturday I continued with a fever, but in the morning I studied, in the afternoon I went to the nursing home to visit a lady who used to go to my church. I was thinking of going to preach her, but she wasn't lucid, and she didn't even recognize me. In the afternoon I went to visit a friend with mental problems and preached to him about the peace in Christ, in John 16:33.

    Today (Sunday) I have been studying Theology since the morning, and I have finished my homework. I feel so much better in my health. I almost feel recovered. The fever has blown my mind. I have spent the last two nights thinking non-stop about the biblical things that I have been studying. This is good to some extent, but nothing healthy. The dream is to rest, not to keep thinking. In the afternoon I will go to the Church, and I will have rehearsal of the play.
  9. Leader of ME

    Leader of ME Fapstronaut

    Salute! Day 42 report is here. I am fine. Read a lil, rest a lot. Now will save energy and sleep .
  10. Check in

    I ate healthy today and could've slept better. Tonight should be better. Wasn't as productive as I'd like to have been, can be better inshaAllah.
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  11. @L'empereur in truth I wasn't productive at all. This isn't hell mode so I'm resetting counter because I'm not happy w laziness I showed today. I hate being on low days too with the counter but it's needed.
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  12. im’possible

    im’possible Fapstronaut

    Good day, done 3 things I couldn't in the past. Tomorrow will be abother one too.

    Peaceful night.
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  13. Leader of ME

    Leader of ME Fapstronaut

    Salute! Day 43 report is here . I worked insane today. Effort was amazing and I expected it. Till 2 am .Did workout, had time to even fool around .

    Much love .
  14. Good times. I went on a long walk today. Just really used this day to prepare myself for the regiment I'm gonna put myself through InshaAllah. Ate healthy too, bought some seeded bread. 9-5 lectures tomorrow though. Bismillah (In the name of Allah)
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  15. Leader of ME

    Leader of ME Fapstronaut

    I cannot do 9-5 lectures. Not that type of human being . But my lectures organisations is very bad. We worse than prison. Old views from the communism, modern western ignorance mixed with it I guess. It is like monologue and if it is nine to five I just imagine myself doing that bad 9-5 job later. Going in university means we some capacity in the mind department I believe and not 9-5 like fabrics workers.

    None bad to none of professions , but if a mind is going to work. It got to be free .
  16. Leader of ME

    Leader of ME Fapstronaut

    Salute ! It is all over .

    Much love .
  17. fg4795

    fg4795 Fapstronaut

    day 74 checking in:
    As akways I woke up really early and killed it at the gym.
    Gave everything also at work and felt good about this.
    Now I am studying and as well I am still giving the 200%.
    somebody would call my life boring.
    maybe but it's what I need.
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  19. Very true, my plan is to get a solid job first of all to support my family though so the boring work needs to be done whether I like it or not. Majority of people at my university are filthy rich too.
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  20. im’possible

    im’possible Fapstronaut

    Good day, read an arrested case sexual assult. Even the man's charge was dismissed, he'd be famous from this one among his peers.
    Weather is not cool these days. Feeling like a houserat.
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