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Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by MONSTER MONK, Mar 3, 2019.

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  1. fg4795

    fg4795 Fapstronaut

    My Journal
    day 75 checking in:
    Woke up really early, had my routine
    studied a lot today, less gym
    I won a free certificate so I just enrolled in another extra-course to improve myself
    long story short
    I am giving everything I have to improve my life
  2. Haddock

    Haddock Fapstronaut

    Check'in. 41 days. Just 19 days more to become captain ! I can see that the army need to recruit ! We are only 14 ! :)
  3. im’possible

    im’possible Fapstronaut

    Good day, had a good family time. We ate alot. Hope they see my growth next time. Gotta put more study time, social time.
  4. im’possible

    im’possible Fapstronaut

    Good day, heard an interesting topic on PTSD. As you may know post traumatic stress disorder, but here I'm talking about porn traumatic stress disorder. I just made it.
    So the first one is common for military personnel who got back from the tour. One example as the doc says it can be triggered by smells, noise, anything can be associated with the incident. A simple smelling of oil can triggers a fire fight for example.
    For us, the second is simply our issue. We can be triggered by visual, sound, feeling..etc. That's why we are trying to avoid those so much, cuz don't wanna reset/relapse.
    There's a magic pill for the first one as the doc says. 70% worked out, including sexual assault folks. The trick is to reboot the nuro path by chemicals. Need to take one dose every day though.
    My magic pill for the second is to watch anything that gives you a pleasure, except porn. I watch orchestra and play some instruments. Still chemicals but work out good.
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  5. im’possible

    im’possible Fapstronaut

    I see lots of folks here but not active...Can sir @MASTER MONK call them back? The foundation is better now. Incase if anyone reading this not on the NEW list, you're missing a secret. All you need to do is send the monk a meesage of why you should be here as the top page says. And dont forget to use it ofcourse!
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  6. theman1

    theman1 Fapstronaut

    Doing well, have been recovering myself.
  7. im’possible

    im’possible Fapstronaut

    Good day, hope everyone is enjoying the weekend and holidays.
    I dont drink most times but Im doing it now. To celebrate whatever holidays and whenever I can. Didnt PT for awhile. Its getting cold so start doing it little by little. Walking always no pressure.
  8. newtry

    newtry Fapstronaut

    My last publication was last Sunday, November 24(Day 43 Hell mode). This week I have taken Hell mode to another level, in terms of my Bible studies.
    Last weekend I was sick, with a fever. My interpretation: being more than two months without PM, my mind is regenerating, and that caused temporary discomfort in me. The amazing thing was that despite that, I was able to study and attend the Church.

    Monday D44 Hell mode: I woke up early, went to work and tried my best. Things there, thank God, are beginning to improve. My hard work is being rewarded, but I must continue to pray. In the afternoon, at home, I studied Sanctification, and I continue to discover incredible things about my faith. I didn't have time to write in Nofap because I studied all day.

    Tuesday D45 Hm: Early I was in theology class. I turned in my homework before time, since I finished it on Sunday. My teacher is delighted that I am so passionate about the Bible. Then I was in my afternoon class. Although I am tired of this asignature, I did my best anyway. In the afternoon I taught my class as a teacher. I explained the Sanctification, among other resources, using sea snails ... everything went better than I thought.

    Wednesday D46 Hm: I worked in the morning. They assigned me more work, but instead of getting bitter, I trusted God and assumed it. In the afternoon, I was studying all day for my next class (Sanctification, part two).

    Thursday D47 Hm: Morning studying with enthusiasm. In the afternoon I went to my class. I got bored enough. I am looking forward to finishing the subject. Soon it will be the exam. Then, I went to my Church, to the prayer meeting. At night, at home, I continued studying.

    Friday (Yesterday) D48 Hm: In the morning I went to work. I advanced a lot with my tasks, so I was very calm. God will soon work the miracle I hope. At home, I chose not to isolate a meeting to move forward with my studies. At night, long trip to my parents' house. I took the trip to read.

    Saturday (today) D49 Hm: I woke up early. I couldn't go for a walk with my dog, so I stayed at home reading an excellent book that every good Christian should read ("Christianity in Crisis: 21st Century" by Hank Hanegraaff). I reached page 145/442. In a while I will go from my parents' house to my house, and I hope to grill the rest of the day studying the Bible (most people could say of me: "What a boring young man" ... but for me there is nothing better in this world that end my Saturday with the Word of my God)

    PS: I´m a [​IMG] Lieutenant since a few days ago.
  9. Elie8

    Elie8 Fapstronaut

    I'm in and now I am a Warrant Officer and I wish to reach an unlimited number of days
  10. newtry

    newtry Fapstronaut

    D50 Hm
    Today I woke up early, and spent all day studying for my class. I went t the Church in the afternoon and I rehearsed for the play. I had to endure my brothers in Christ making fun of ... and I'm used to it. Let them be seen with God, they won't stop me.
  11. fg4795

    fg4795 Fapstronaut

    My Journal
    day 80 hell mode
    my days pass all the same way someone would say
    but everyday because of this I do something that made me proud
    today it was about my resolution in getting things done
    yesterday was about volunteering and so on
    it is getting better
  12. All the days have been productive so far. May Allah make it continue forever. Ameen.
  13. newtry

    newtry Fapstronaut

    D51 Hm. Today I woke up early, and worked hard... I´m a bit tired, but I have to continue a few weeks more. After that, I was studying all the afternoon for my class of tomorrow
  14. im’possible

    im’possible Fapstronaut

    Good day, the day of promotion is approaching. With your witness,


    Nofap Army Training Command

    I, im'possible, do solemnly affirm that I will support and defend the Nofap Community Forums against all Porn, Masturbation, and negative self-talk; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will follow the orders of our Senior Nofappers of the NoFap Forums and the orders of the admins appointed over me, according to the policies and the terms of NoFap. And I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.​

    1. 90 days
    2. Featured and relationships course
    3. PT plan
    4. Accountability group joined
    Congratulations lieutenant [​IMG]
    Serial# 4274
    Honor, courage, commitment


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  15. newtry

    newtry Fapstronaut

    Yesterday D52 Hm. Woke up early. I spend all the morning studying for my class (Sanctification, second part). I went to my class of the afternoon (Oh Gosh... It was so boring). After that, I went to the Church and I gave my class. I think it was good.

    Today D53 Hm. Woke up early, had a breakfast (I usually haven´t it), went to my work and I gave my best there. Then, at home, I study for my next class... and finally I finish my reading of the all Bible (I started in March).
  16. Symbol of Peace

    Symbol of Peace Fapstronaut

    My Journal
  17. im’possible

    im’possible Fapstronaut

    Thanks for the likes! I experienced an eureka moment yesterday in graduation. I can't describe by words because it's equivalent to dopamine released and it felt great! The sun was so bright at that moment, even its cold I felt energy. The man told us an important lesson about the failure, as most folks and I were drowning in the achievements. That is when you fail again, what to do. When every one elses quit, you stay in the course. Next stop captain. I will meet my goals every day :rolleyes:
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  18. im’possible

    im’possible Fapstronaut

    Can the private report the situation? You see details on the first thread. Since this is the army, use the army way.

    1. Is it same device/things that lead you relapse?
    2. Any thing motivates you that you can forget about eat and sleep?
    3. Are you in any group? I'm talking about in reality.

    If all answers are no, it's time to modify.
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  19. Symbol of Peace

    Symbol of Peace Fapstronaut

    My Journal
    Thank you for this! It's really time to modify, it's morning to me and day 2, i'll study and do physical exercises!
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  20. im’possible

    im’possible Fapstronaut

    Well done congrats! Can you be the chaplain of this force? Your daily prayer is appreciated.
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