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Fapstronaut, Male

Still stuck at around 70% recovery. Continuing the hardmode. Entered flatline again. Almost 02 years streak now. Staying strong for sure. Mar 15, 2021

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    1. winningover
      Still stuck at around 70% recovery. Continuing the hardmode. Entered flatline again. Almost 02 years streak now. Staying strong for sure.
      1. Hugogabs
        Dude, congratulations on the two years. I hope one day I can reach such a long streak. I haven't been able to complete even a month yet. But I'm trying hard.
        Mar 15, 2021
    2. PMO addict1
      PMO addict1
      Hello. bro... Have u recovered from PAWS???
    3. Stp890
      Write something..Assalamu alaikum,legend how are you doing? please continue admiring your wife,she is a legend too!
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      2. winningover
        Thanks brother for dropping the message. We are doing great
        Feb 19, 2021
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    4. mujahid30
      Salaam brother
      Your age and addiction level seems to be like mine but I'm not married yet. I am rebooting hard mode for atleast 12months hard mode. From ur experience can u please tell will this be enough to beat pied.

      Reply eagerly awaited
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      2. winningover
        There is no hard & fast rule regarding time needed to recover. It takes on average 01 year to recover from pied. What really is important here that you adopt this change for life without any relapse. Time is sth that will pass very quickly on its own.
        Dec 27, 2020
    5. Crazymonkey99
      Salam , I just read your post and it really inspired me . I was of the view that nofap success stories are only lies , but when I read your succes story .... it was amazing . Bro don’t ever fight with her ... She is a real gem ... Mashallah ♥️ ... bro I also wanna talk with you privately.. please if you get time then contact me . I am new to nofap and don’t know anything about messaging etc . Reply me Asap.
      1. winningover
        Yes bro, I am here. Ask away please.
        Dec 13, 2020
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    6. Re Evolution Man
      Re Evolution Man
      Hey man, I just read your post from December (almost a year ago wow) and it really inspired me. Thank you for sharing your positive story and advice. Today I'm celebrating 10 days of nofap after several months of only intermittent PMO. I am already starting to feel more powerful, and I'm looking forward to becoming a better version of myself. Your success story gave me a lot of hope. Keep spreading positivity!
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    7. Shyguy96
      Can someone please give me advice
      1. winningover
        Please read my story. You may get some advise from there.
        Dec 13, 2020
    8. winningover
      Continuing the hardmode. Recovered by around 60-70% after 500 days of normal mode which include approx 150 days of hardmode.
    9. winningover
      PAWS symptoms not as intense as before. Around 25% improvement after 400 days. Secret to recover quickly is hardmode.
    10. winningover
      Still battling PAWS. The fight is becoming intense. I can smell the victory though for the first time.
    11. prfyyrgz
      Assalamualaikum Bro I've read your posting about PIED and I must say I'm impressed. Well I'm 28 yo single man from Turkey. I'm free from PMO for more than 70 days. If you don't mind please be my friend and contact with me on whatsapp. I need an accountable partner like you. My whatsapp number: +905315718049. Salaam
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      2. winningover
        W Salam brother. Sure, I am available if I could be of any help. I have added your number in my whatsapp and will message you in a while.
        Apr 3, 2020
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      3. prfyyrgz
        I'll be waiting
        Apr 4, 2020
    12. winningover
      Finally cured PIED after one year battle. Fighting PAWS now
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      2. Myfortress
        Thank you for sharing. I was not aware of PAWS because I started with pictures and had real sex as a teenager. Do you think the PIED would have been resolved quicker if you stopped the Hand Jobs sooner?
        May 30, 2020
      3. winningover
        Yes, I def. think that my timeline could have been reduced if I did hardmode. I am doing hardmode again now to cure PAWS. Hardmode is difficult esp if you are newly married. I had a very difficult first year of marriage due to so many problems arising from porn which I was unaware of before getting married.
        May 30, 2020
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      4. Myfortress
        The consequences you suffered in your first year of marriage could possibly prevent others from suffering the same or worse.
        May 31, 2020
    13. nyahoo
      Salam my friend. I could like to discuss with you my case. could you please find some time for me. Waiting for your reply.
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      2. winningover
        W Salam. Yes brother, for sure. You can message me directly.
        Feb 2, 2020
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