The START 2021 STRONGER Challenge [CLOSED]

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  1. TripleHHH

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    Checking in.

    Never felt stronger doing NoFap then right now, feel like the urges can't control me anymore.
    I want to share the things that really help me, maybe it will be useful for someone..

    I started of getting as much knowledge about how my brain operates when watching porn. When I understood this it was instantly easier for me to take control.

    I always have my goal in mind whenever I have an urge, which is to cure PIED. I think about the fact that my goal is more important than giving in to this urge, after all, my goal is life changing.

    Being occupied with something else when you have spare time at home is great, something that can really keep your mind busy. I'm learning Russian, which feels great because I actually spend my time on learning something instead wasting it on watching porn. Talking about time... I think this is one of the best benefits of NoFap so far actually, I have so much extra time since I'm not masturbation anymore.

    I go to the gym 5 days a week, and even tried meditation, although I'm not really into meditating yet.

    I have been watching videos from this guy on YouTube, really helped me a lot as well...
  2. consistencymortein

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  3. BrohkenCompass

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    Maybe, maybe not. It helps me a great deal to get these thoughts out.

    From reading what you wrote, you did something I've done many times and just turned the Nofap switch straight to off... proceeded down old patterns and paths, and then came out of it. If this makes you feel any better, I've done it nearly 20 times...but look at those numbers, only about 60 days acting out all year vs. 365. It's a process. Admitting your relapse, assessing it, taking action to prevent another....

    These are HUGE steps that show your growing. Closer and closer to the men we want to be, a little or a lot each day, doesn't matter. We're always moving forward.
  4. BrohkenCompass

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    It's pretty common. You didn't relapse twice. You relapsed. You reverted to old patterns, and are living your old self's life. Stay clean tonight and tomorrow. Report back on Sunday that you stayed clean for all of Saturday. THEN you'll have escaped from your old self and the grip of habits and addictions that he wants to you live for. The addict is strong today, but you can defeat him.

    Check in Sunday. I believe in you!!!

    Check in tomorrow if you need to of course for encouragement. We're all here for you.
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  5. BrohkenCompass

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    Same goals as me

    I too am trying. Overweight? Low T? High BP? These are issues I have.

    Did not know if this one, but I subscribed.
  6. BrohkenCompass

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    Sorry, the challenge requires that your streak begin before 03 OCTOBER.
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    I have been watching porn almost eveyday since somedays back but i havent PMOd yet atleast. I need to get it together.
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  8. But the P means porn. At least my last reset was because I watched porn without ejaculation.
    Keep improving, friend; but you need to be honest with yourself. In my opinion if you are watching porn then you are not overcoming this adicction. Remember: the problem is not th ejaculation, the problem is the dopamine hit we get from sexualized pixels.
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  9. Day 17:
    Welcome to the weekend.
    May it be a time of rest and strength for us.
  10. _Just_For_PRJ_

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    Well yesterday I just went out in backyard and sat there for my online class :)

    Day 49
    Strict to myself!!
  11. Teutão

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    Day 16, some wet dreams and one major urge, but managed to go trough.
  12. Kingler

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    Assign Me Another Strike. Relapsed Today But Learned A Lot
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  14. consistencymortein

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    Ok thanks.
  15. consistencymortein

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    Ok thanks.
  16. Schia

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    Got the news yesterday that a I didn’t get the job I interviewed for earlier in the week. Got my best night’s sleep last night, though, and now on day 43. Almost half way to 90 days now, and that was my initial target. The (slightly-forced) milestones just keep coming!
  17. Strange_

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    I think this will be one of most memorable journeys of my entire life. I have been doing the unspeakable thing from past year and now am seeking solace . Count me in !
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  18. master3

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    Oh, i read wrong. I thought the challange was no ejaculation to porn, but ofcourse that means ive failed.....

    Edit: Or have 1 chance left in my tier.
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  19. gegenavenger

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    Hey @consistencymortein there are other challenges out there. I am also in the 21 day challenge, join me there, we can do this together :)
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