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  1. women have a good instinct if there`s "something wrong" with a guy. Doesnt necessarly mean they follow this voice, though :p but all in all my impression is as well, that they can sense if you work on yourself etc pp, or if not. I mean, honestly we feel it too, if a buddy tries to do something in his life or not? The attitude really changes. Good luck!!! And yes, the possibilities are out there, just dont look at them like this, otherwise you end on the "meatmarket" of soulless dating and ONS, and this leads to nothing else then tears (after a little high).
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  3. Its "easier" for them, cause the role they play into porn isnt exactly flattering. I guess its more dificult for the average woman to identify herself with the female actress then for the male consumer with the masculine "pornstar": cause the latter is designed as an embodiment of male dreams, while the girl is only a function to do so. And that isnt exactly how girls wanna be perceived (urban legends aside). Girls dont believe into the masculine fairytale of the seperation of sex and feelings. Guys finally as well not - but they nevertheless try hard :p what do i mean? well ask a prostitute how often they get flowers, loveletters etc. :p shall say: even where guys try to live the idea of "pure sex" it doesnt work - the feelings are faster there then you can count to ten ("i think she didnt fake the orgasm, i actually think she likes me more then other clients, i think she loves me i...blabla").
    Girls have their own myth, but "getting fucked" is less important for them then for us. In fact in a lot of cultures its even upside down (girl, know your value, take care of your reputation etc all of that - how should a girl being raised like that watch stuff that is called meatholes? Sex finally is a powergame, we use it as synonyms for degradation, we say i.e. when we beat someone up we "fucked him". Imagine it from a female perspective... How should a woman then be able to appreciate porn? Porn is clearly designed to illustrate masculine fantasy of dominance and potence in a context without any love. Imagine now you get to know a guy (as a girl) and you realize he watches daily such stuff - maybe hours long. Stuff in which girls are usually not much more then cumpdumpster (as they are often called). It would repel me too...
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  4. Yes, we need to remember.
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    trigger alert lol
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    All more or less true, but you're looking at a general stereotypical angle of the industry. We weren't all looking at man-dominates-woman stuff, for me and many others it was literally the opposite, and solo stuff, and many other categories I won't bother mention. None of them as gratifying as being with another person that's for sure.

    But I think what can hold true for them all, is that we (and I'll say men and women here), have a feeling of shame or guilt we hold onto when we look at this stuff every day.

    Porn is so far removed from reality, that I think being amongst people in the real world in a civilised context, we have an elephant in the room, in our heads, and people pick that up.
  7. You are right!! I surely come from this "manhandle" background a la rocco etc. Though the role of the women even in a lot of vanilla porn is still a quite submissive one: its our brutalization that doesnt allow us anymore to perceive that even in so-called "normal" porn women do a lot of things that are supposed to be degrading or painful in real life (anal, facial, deep throat). Those are things that dont necessarly imply that the women is directly degraded, but the way we judge it, has usually at least the tendency: you see it in the language usage: all these things are meant as well as synonyme to destroy or insult someone (i fucked him, you can suck my dick so on so on). And if you take i.e. the whole sissy stuff its just upside down: thats why a lot of things are called feminization...
    I mean i find it telling that in some cultures you are actually only gay when you get fucked, not when you fuck. Cultures that are homophobic...telling or not? what i wanna say is that "getting fucked" (and specially in certain ways) has at least the undercurrent signification of something that makes you inferior. And this is as well allready in "vanilla-porn" the case.

    Porn is removed from reality but at the same time it is as well real: thats the tricky thing!!! They actually did that stuff. And the consumers do it quite often too. They are maybe not happy with it, but im sure out there you`ll find a lot of people trying to practice what they saw....
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    Yup after stopping pmo for 8 months I realized that porn was the mitigating factor of ny guilt and each day I'm away from it I feel at peace and love myself more for not watching it is garbage
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    Yes it's all sins against your soul just to seek momentary pleasure
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    Thankyou so much! you dont know how much this reassured me that nofap is the right thing to do, thanks to this post i hope to continue this journey for as long as i can make it :)
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    Food for thought... I think as porn addicts we see a lot of the things we watched on screen in real life.

    I've picked up on a lot of the homophobic and fem insults in real life and it's crazy.

    Then again, probably from watching f-dom I'm very tuned in to how media is constantly pushing a role for women: feminine empowered strong (yet always the victim), and men: idiots, toxic masculinity, apologize for what your ancestors might have done etc.

    And yes, there are those that choose to seek it or reconstruct it, who knows where it came from. I attempted to go down the path of living fantasies and too many things were wrong, now I'm here thankfully.
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    trigger alert
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    ive noticed this too, even after just a week or a few days, not just women, but everyone seems to treat you with a little more respect or kindness. Im not a scientist but I think it has something to do with the pharamones you produce and they must change when you stop PMO and say "Hey Ladies, Im ready to go" and subconsciously they can smell it. And when your ready to go, you feel more confident and women pick u on that.
    Music Maniac
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    Damn, man....this is powerful and eye opening!
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    I'm afraid to start dating, maybe it can trigger too...
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    I don't think this is too complicated. Put the shoe on the other foot.

    Of course most women hate the thought of their men watching porn. How do you like the idea of romantic comedies, Twilight, 50 Shades of Grey, romance novels, and all the other forms of porn available for your girl that are in plain sight?

    I'm sure the thought that she's fantasizing about impossibly handsome, (usually rich, if they're not supernatural) powerful wild man that is above the law and always says and does exactly the right thing to turn her panties into a wet sponge doesn't exactly fill you with glee. Why would it? How can you possibly live up to that impossible archetype?

    Why would it be any different for her?
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    How did you know?
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  18. Trigger what? A desire for PMO?
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    yup to SEX ADDITCION been there done that's its not WORTH IT bro trust me, find a good woman but don't rush it. also don't chase them or you'll look to thirsty I found out the hard way. just tell them your not an object (ironic) lol seriously after 2 dates they already wanna hook up I aint with that anymore!
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  20. Because I've looked at women's butts, from behind them, and they've turned around and scowl at me. Like it's my fault they wear those clingy pants and/or leggings! ;):D
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